Standard, Horizon and Hunkeler GRAPH EXPO Preview

Show How Offset + Digital Converge With Automated Postpress Solutions at Graph Expo 

Standard will present a broad range of intelligently automated post press, paper handling and inserting solutions at GRAPH EXPO, including several North American premiers. Live demonstrations will emphasize complete solutions to help print service providers comprehend offset and digital production workflows, where printed rolls or cut sheets flow into value-added finishing processes. 

All of the solutions in booth 617 employ intelligent automation with advanced touchscreen control for super-efficient set-ups, lower operating costs, and best-in-class quality for short-run finishing. The Standard feeding and finishing portfolio continues to expand with new products, accessories and services surrounding the professional production and distribution of printed documents. A diverse set of Standard Hunkeler and Standard Horizon paper handling and finishing solutions will also be shown in partnership with industry-leading digital print manufacturers. 

Book Production Systems Serve Offset and Digital

Keeping with the theme of “complete solutions” Standard has organized three primary bookbinding workflows that simulate real-world production environments. Two represent books produced from a continuous digital web, while the other shows a more traditional offset workflow with a signature gathering and binding line.

The first book solution includes the North American premier of the new Standard Hunkeler PF7 Plow-fold Module, designed to convert digitally-imaged webs up to 30”-wide into book blocks that are then bound on the Standard Horizon BQ-470 Perfect Binder in-line with the HT-80 Three-knife Trimmer. The PF7 applies one or two folds in the web direction as needed before the CS6 cutter/stacker converts the multiple-up imposition into cleanly offset-stacked and signatured book blocks, which are then conveyed to the operator input station of the binder for “near-line” efficiency.

A second book solution also begins with pre-printed digital rolls. A Standard Hunkeler UW6 unwinds a 20”-wide roll which is sheeted in the Standard Hunkeler CS6 and signature folded in the Standard Horizon AF-566F Digital folder. Individual signatures are then accumulated and pressed into book blocks in the intelligent PSX-56 stacker, before being conveyed to the operator input station of the new BQ-270V perfect binder. The Standard Horizon BQ-270V — also being shown for the first time — is equipped with a sensor-activated book block digital caliper system that delivers ultra-fast book-of-one capability. Based on the established BQ-270 technology platform, new BQ-270V features include rapid automated set-up with effectively zero makeready time between different book thicknesses. Bound books are then trimmed in the new HT-30C three-side trimmer, which now has color touchscreen control and an optional barcode-driven system that can automatically vary finished trim size from book to book for on demand production.

Next up is the innovative Standard Horizon CABS 6000 perfect binding system, which brings new levels of automation to production bookbinding. The system includes the MG-600 Gatherer, SB-17 seventeen-clamp Perfect Binder, and HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer. This in-line system can produce up to 6,000 books per hour. Each component is equipped with an icon-based 10.4” color touch screen that enables end-to-end automated setup in ten minutes or less, and the ability to memorize 200 jobs for instant recall.

The CABS allows for quick changeover from EVA to PUR adhesive with interchangeable tanks and book thicknesses from .08” to 2”. This flexibility lets printers serve more market segments and meet varying customer application requirements. Other features include CCD cameras on the cover feed and gathering stations, ability to load covers on-the-fly, twin milling stations, automated in-line cover scoring, gauze feeding for hard cover book blocks, weight checking, and a digital caliper that measures book size and thickness and transfers settings to the binder for automated setup.

Saddlestitching Flexibility: Solutions for Digital Cut-sheet, Digital Roll and Offset

Standard Horizon saddlestitching systems will now be able to support more diverse printed formats than ever before, with the unveiling of a new entry-level near-line bookletmaking solution that’s designed especially for cut-sheet digital color output.

For rolls, the Standard Horizon StitchLiner 6000 Digital saddlestitcher will be shown producing variable sheet-count booklets from a digitally pre-printed roll on the Standard booth. Standard Hunkeler unwinding and rotary cutting technology has been tightly integrated with the Horizon saddlestitching platform, and an optional high-speed sheet feeder can be added so customers have the flexibility to run from a roll or cut-sheets. The StitchLiner 6000 Digital can also be placed in-line with a roll-fed printer, so you can go from white paper to full-color, variable booklets that are ready-to-ship in one continuous process with no manual touchpoints.

The Standard Horizon StitchLiner 5500 will be producing high-quality saddlestitched documents up to 200 pages. Sheets printed on the Komori Lithrone G40, using their new H-UV curing system technology, will be cut into four-page signatures and presented by Standard Horizon VAC-100 vacuum collator towers. The StitchLiner can also be configured with a high-speed sheet feeder for digitally pre-collated output, so the same system can pull double-duty serving both offset and digital production workflows.

New Entry-level Binder and Creaser

Standard will show the new Standard Horizon BQ-160 perfect binder with PUR adhesive capability. The entry-level BQ-160 helps to satisfy the fast-growing demand for short-run digital photo books and prepared book blocks for case binding. The binder is also capable of padding and tape binding. A dynamic color touchscreen allows the operator to easily adjust a range of settings including cover alignment with the spine, nipping pressure, clamping pressure and much more. The BQ-160 can handle light to moderate production needs in nearly any environment.

The BQ-160 Binder will also be shown in-line with the new CRB-160 Cover Creaser, which is setup through the color touchscreen on the BQ-160. The scoring position is set automatically according to the book thickness that is measured on the BQ-160. The CRB-160 scores up to 150 lb. laminated covers, and a wide variety of scoring patterns can be selected from the touch screen. A stand alone model is also available with an integrated color touchscreen, and it is ideal for creasing covers, restaurant menus, greeting cards and other digital print applications.

Intelligent Inserting with Integrity

New features and functionality on the Standard KAS line of intelligent inserting machines will be featured. A flexible new option for fast, reliable feeding of CD’s, DVD’s, and other media will be shown. This track-mounted device feeds a range of shapes and sizes down to business card size at up to 6,000 envelopes per hour.

The “VIVA” suite of vision-based inspection systems – custom-designed for document integrity, quality control and verification in production environments – will be shown on several systems at GRAPH EXPO. VIVA cameras for sheet-level and set-level integrity checking will be mounted on a Standard KAS 465H inserter and a Standard Horizon HOF-30 high-speed sheet feeder in-line with the StitchLiner 5500 saddlestitcher. Standard recently introduced VIVAsupport, a robust service and application support program designed to help customers fully utilize their integrity system investments. The VIVA line can be deployed across a broad range of Standard Horizon and Standard Hunkeler solutions to ensure quality control, integrity, tracking and reporting of personalized documents.

For more information on these Horizon, Hunkeler and KAS solutions, visit Standard Finishing Systems ( at Booth 617.

Standard Finishing Systems is based in Andover, Massachusetts and celebrated “100 Years of Finishing Strong” in 2010. A leading supplier of print finishing systems, paper handling equipment, mailroom and reprographic products, Standard utilizes a network of independent dealers and a direct sales force in the United States and Canada. For more information, call 877-404-4460 or visit the Standard website at

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