Welcome to Dscoop EMEA!


As the chairman of Dscoop EMEA and one of the members of the founding Board, I am very excited and happy to announce the launch of Dscoop EMEA. Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative – A Cooperative of HP Graphic Arts Users), is an established and strong brand in North America and Asia-Pacific and has successfully become the major platform for sharing knowledge and creating new business opportunities.

EMEA is a large region with multiple languages, and in the beginning it seemed difficult to come together. The individuals on the Board of Directors are from 10 different countries, and we all speak different languages. But after getting to know each other, we saw that no matter what size, we all run our own businesses and we all experience the same issues and are on the same “small” boat.

We’ve found that real business-critical advantages of Dscoop include:

• increasing the effectiveness of your digital sales force by applying best practices worldwide,

• increasing up-time of your digital presses by having your operators engage with colleagues from non-competing companies,

• enhancing your understanding about the implications of technological change, and

• getting to know successful business models worldwide.

As like-minded HP Indigo users, Dscoop provides the platform on which we need to come together. I hope this website as well as our other networking and educational resources prove to be valuable for your sales and technical teams.


Erwin Koerts and the Dscoop EMEA Board

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