HP SmartStream Designer v5.5 for Adobe Creative Suite is Here

Achieve new levels of value, creativity and performance with the HP SmartStream Designer v5.5 for Adobe Creative Suite. Boasting 12 powerful new features and more than 30 product improvements, the software is free for print service providers currently running HP SmartStream Designer v5.0 and v5.1. HP customers running version 4 can also take advantage of special upgrade pricing. 

The SmartStream Designer's new features include: 

  • Horizontal text purge
  • Linked text boxes
  • Duplicate page option
  • Use external text files for text channels
  • Dynamic table creation
  • Multiple layer rules per job
  • PDF-VT support for Mac
  • New simple rule template-switch feature
  • Several advanced imposition options
  • Image channel support for spread elements
  • Locr personalized Maps
  • Complex data record support 

Go to myhpindigo.com to download and install this new product version. Be sure to also download the Designer v5.5 User Guide and New Features Guide for your reference and use. Please contact your HP account manager with any questions.

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