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Mashable founder and CEO Pete Cashmore sat down with David Jones of Havas to talk about the new responsibilities of today’s leaders to respond to social media, as part of Mashable and Scribd’s Documented@Davos series.

Jones talks about what he calls the “age of damage.” In the past, government and business leaders haven’t been held as easily accountable by the people, but the rise of social media has changed that.

“If you are the CEO of a company or the leader of a country and you are acting irresponsibly, people have been empowered through social media to take you down,” Jones said. “Whether you are the head of an Arab Spring country, the head of BP, in fashion or in football, people have the ability to undermine you and remove you if you behave in the wrong way.”

Standing up to injustices or bad behavior is just easier, said Jones. Thirty years ago, demonstrating was an “uncomfortable or dangerous” process, but now it only involves raising your voice on social media.

“Every single individual has now been empowered to create a mass movement,” Jones said.

The caveat to this, Jones explained, is that social media movements don’t create leaders. Instead, leaders need to be aware of social media, and the best ways to exist in a social world. “Be transparent, accurate and speedy” are the most important takeaways for leaders, said Jones, as well as that to know that people are watching you always, even if you personally don’t opt in.

“Doing good and doing well are no longer separate things, and in the future if you want to do well, you’ll have to do good,” Jones said.

What do you think of Jones’ message to leaders? Do you think he is right? Watch the video above and share your views in the comments.

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