TAOPIX Instrumental in Photobook Worldwide Indigo Purchase

The Photobook Worldwide Group of Companies has experienced a significant growth in all quarters recently, necessitating the purchase of a new HP Indigo 7500 printing press for its Malaysian production site to keep up with demand. The new press is expected to cut the current production time from 7 working days to just 5 days.

Owner of Photobook Worldwide, Mark Koay says, “The new press will ensure that we can deal with current and future increased demand and maintain the excellent quality and turnaround targets customers expect. Our significant growth has fuelled the need for additional sales and manufacturing operations worldwide which, in turn, also means we can provide our customers with a 24/7 service across the globe. Since installing TAOPIX, we have experienced a massive 70% reduction in customer support overheads and this has been an important factor in allowing us to grow.”

This growth is attributed to an increase in worldwide photo book sales, largely generated by extensive Facebook activity and from the company's own websites. The entire photo book design, ordering and production processes are handled by the TAOPIX Multisite platform.

Richard Watson, President of TAOPIX Asia says, "Photobook Worldwide are experts when it comes to multi channel marketing to consumers and they have built an enviable reputation for quality and service. The flexibility and stability of the TAOPIX platform, combined with the high number of Photobook Worldwide’s new and repeat customers, have been significant factors in the decision to install another press."

Global photo segment manager at HP Indigo, Amnon Nachshon adds, “The photo industry is in the midst of its 3rd revolution. Both social media and smart phone applications have dramatically increased photo taking and sharing. Over 100 million photos are being uploaded to Facebook daily. I am happy to see that the combination of the HP Indigo print quality and innovative solutions from hand-picked partners like TAOPIX is proven to deliver growth to our customers’ businesses.


TAOPIX™ Limited is a privately-funded software development company established in 2007 by CEO James Gray and CTO Kevin Gale in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom. Their extensive industry experience and market knowledge led them to identify an opportunity in the lucrative photo book market for a highly flexible and robust end-to-end software solution. To achieve this, the company has developed the TAOPIX™ Photobook platform, one of the most dynamic and far-reaching production solutions the photo book industry has seen. Central to the TAOPIX™ philosophy is its focus on forming robust, long-term partnerships with customers who require a top level, innovative software platform to drive their businesses forward.

TAOPIX™ Photobook is sold to printers and photo labs in over 50 countries, with 18 supported languages. A global network of 28 distributors has also been set up to meet the demand for sales and support of the product. The company now employs 28 members of staff worldwide; the backbone of which is a strong development team, supported by experienced technical personnel in the UK, Asia and the USA.

The flexible software technology platform allows photo labs and printers to develop unlimited tailored and branded store fronts using bespoke products/templates and multiple business models. Through supporting companies in launching a successful photo book business, TAOPIX™ assists in driving a substantial increase in revenue through use of the customer’s current printing equipment.

Media contact
Dianne Moralee
T: +44 (0)845 017 8660
E: diannem@taopix.com

About Photobook Worldwide Group of Companies

The Photobook Worldwide Group of Companies is a company that embraces in the value of people and life. Photobook Worldwide’s creative and publishing platform, the Photobook Designer, makes it easy and fun for people to preserve their memories and stories in a creative and thoughtful way. Photobook Worldwide’s products include its newly launched Ready Books, personalized cards, canvas prints and its leading photo book line that allows people to preserve and re-live their special moments in high-quality coffee-table books.

Photobook Worldwide was founded by Mark Koay in 2005, and includes a team of design, production and Internet talents who all share the passion and dedication to preserving memories. Inspired by the simple value of embracing people and life, Photobook Worldwide is really about celebrating and remembering the moments in life that matter.

With three global offices located across Malaysia, Australia and Canada, Photobook Worldwide has over 60 employees and currently serves more than 20 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit http://www.photobookworldwide.com.

Media contact
Brandon Lee
T: +6 03 5122 2232
E: brandon@photobookworldwide.com

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