New Product Spotlight: Harris & Bruno International Releases ExcelCoat Offline Coater

H&B ExcelCoat Offline Coater utilizes chamber/anilox technology to lay down high-quality matte, satin & soft touch coatings

Harris & Bruno International announces the release of ExcelCoat – an offline UVcoater with a chamber/anilox metering system. This proven technology finally gives an offline coater the ability to lay down high-quality matte, satin, soft touch, aqueous and glossy coatings.

Just as the HP Indigo gave digital printing the ability to compete with offset quality, Harris & Bruno feels the ExcelCoat allows digital printers to compete with offset coating quality.

ExcelCoat has an interchangeable roller coater metering system that is producing glossy UV sheets with consistent high gloss meter readings. But as seen with the more popular offline coaters of today, being squeezed through a roller coater metering system isn’t the proper way to lay down coatings with particulates.

The proper way is through a chamber/anilox metering system. This has been repeatedly proven in the sheet fed tower coater industry, where Harris & Bruno has decades of experience as a market leader and an OEM choice for inking and coating solutions. Harris & Bruno is now bringing their expertise over to the digital industry through offering offline coating technology that is superior to roller coaters commonly usedtoday.

ExcelCoat’s chamber/anilox metering system produces advanced results on all types of coating. Manufactured in California, ExcelCoat is a high-quality automated offline coater that’s fast and dependable.

The ExcelCoat delivers a quality of offline coating not seen at this price level. Its myriad of automated adjustments gives you an unparalleled ability to coat a wide assortment of print variables. Moreover, each coater is backed by H&B’s renowned service, support and dependability.

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