MindFireInc® Unveils New Marketing Platform at Dscoop7

MindFireInc®, the leading provider of personalized cross-media marketing technology, is introducing a new marketing platform at the 7th Dscoop Annual Conference, taking place March 22-24 in Washington D.C. 

The new platform is MindFireInc’s next evolution in marketing technology, empowering print and marketing service providers with limitless capabilities to design and deploy sophisticated multi-channel, multi-touch marketing campaigns for their customers. The innovative solution opens new doors of opportunity for service providers to grow their business, in ways never possible before. 

MindFireInc’s Marketing Platform comprises three key components, each bringing a wide range of powerful functionality to print and marketing professionals: 1) MFI Marketing Studio, 2) MFI Marketing Language, and 3) MFI Marketing Engine. 

To see a quick overview of the new platform visit: http://bit.ly/MFIplatform 

The Marketing Studio: an intuitive visual campaign design environment.

Sitting atop the Marketing Engine, the Marketing Studio is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop application for visually creating multi-touch, multi-channel marketing workflows. The Marketing Studio enables print and marketing service providers to: 

  • orchestrate offline-and-online media like direct mail, email, and social media, along with microsites and landing pages;
  • leverage event-driven triggers to automate drip-and-nurture sequences using any combination of media;
  • analyze campaign performance using Visual Reporting and Analytics, providing real-time insight in to campaign performance;
  • work collaboratively with User, Role, and Permission management to enable their customers and staff to work together; and
  • Intelligent personalization using contact behavior captured and stored in a contact repository.

The Marketing Language: a markup language for marketing programs.

MindFireInc’s Marketing Language (MAML), is an open architecture language describing the entire marketing campaign in a proprietary markup language, which is submitted to the Marketing Engine for execution.

This innovative approach brings ultimate flexibility to the Platform and allows seamless integration between the Marketing Engine and 3rd party applications. 

The Marketing Engine: the power behind the magic.

The Marketing Engine executes the Marketing Language campaign instructions. In addition, for service providers looking for an end-to-end and integrated solution, MindFireInc’s Marketing Engine provides flexible integration with print workflow management, web-to-print, CRM (customer relationship management), and other solutions via:

  • API (Application Programming Interfaces) for creating, managing, and reporting campaign activity; and
  • Extension Modules that customize Marketing Engine behavior.

“Print service providers require the right technology to make multi-channel marketing easier, more powerful, and flexible,” said Dave Rosendahl, MindFireInc’s Co-founder. “Our Clients are excited by the workflow freedom they now have to build and sell effective marketing campaigns,” he added. “Along with our educational training courses, like the FastLaunch Program and our new Sales Training & Promotion modules, print service providers are equipped with everything they need to succeed with today’s corporate marketer.”

MindFireInc, a founding member of Dscoop and a proud Diamond Sponsor of this year’s conference and exhibition, is showcasing the new platform at a VIP Launch Event at the Dsoop7 Solution Showcase, booth #303, on Friday, March 23 at 11 am – 12 pm. 

The new platform is currently available to a selected group of MindFireInc partners. Dscoop7 attendees are invited to join the MindFireInc team to see a sneak preview of the new platform and be among the first who access this powerful technology.

To RSVP to this event, or to learn more and schedule an online overview of MindFireInc’s new platform visit: http://atDscoop.com.


About MindFireInc®

MindFireInc is the worldwide leader of personalized cross-media marketing technology that enables the creation and deployment of targeted, traceable marketing campaigns. More than 600 companies and 6,200 users in 21 countries depend on MindFireInc to manage thousands of cross-media marketing campaigns. 

MindFireInc's web-based software automates the creation and management of highly effective marketing campaigns utilizing Direct Mail, Microsites, Personalized URLs (PURLs), Intelligent Mail barcode (IMbs), Email, SMS communication, QR codes and more. 

MindFireInc is proud to be named by Inc. 500 as the 6th & 20th fastest growing software company in the United States for two consecutive years in 2008 and 2009. http://www.mindfireinc.com.

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