Felix Schoeller Launches New Photo Paper for HP Indigo Press at Dscoop7

Today, Felix Schoeller, the world’s largest manufacturer of photographic papers for all leading Imaging Technologies introduced a photographic paper for HP Indigo WS6000p presses. The HP Indigo WS6000p Digital Press has a specific focus on printing photographic solutions for a large variety of applications, such as 4x6 snapshots and high end portraits.

Felix Schoeller has been a longtime member of HP’s Preferred Media Partner program. The idea behind the project charter is the combination of HP’s Indigo WS6000p technology with Felix Schoeller traditional photo paper technology to create a unique solution for the photographic space. The result is an extension of Felix Schoeller’s E-Photo paper range – the E-PHOTO HP Professional 190 and 225. Both products are optimized for HP Indigo WS6000p printing, embossing and lamination and guarantee perfect photographic results for any print job. The paper offers the additional option of an HP logo watermark for maximum quality recognition.

An early adapter of the Indigo WS6000p installations and E-PHOTO HP Professional papers has been Fovea, which is transitioning from Silver halide to HP Indigo technology for its photographic offerings. Listen live to Fovea’s CEO, Mr. Morten during his Dscoop7 presentation “Making the Shift: Turning pictures into profits” on Saturday, March 24 at 10:45 am.

What is E-PHOTO® Paper?
E-PHOTO® Papers are the tailored solution for the electro photographic printing space. As a pioneer in the manufacture of photographic papers, the company has succeeded in combining the unique properties of a traditional photo paper with the requirements of digital printer technology such as HP Indigo. Due to its unique photographic surface, extremely good toner adhesion and outstanding printing blanket compatibility, E-PHOTO® Papers have been awarded the highest grade in HP Indigo’s certification: “Best Performing Substrate”. E-PHOTO®’s aging resistance was tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc., an international benchmark in Image Permanence Testing, and similarly awarded the top rating (>200 years).

E-PHOTO® Paper’s original satin-matt PE finish gives each individual print the look and feel of a genuine photograph. The paper is perfectly suited for the production of professional photo books, portraits, calendars, and poster prints. The unique coating of E-PHOTO® Paper creates a water-resistant and dirt repellent surface that in the past could only be achieved by post print lamination. This means E-PHOTO® Papers are also an ideal choice for cookbooks, menu cards, place sets and children’s books.

For more information, visit Felix Schoeller Digital Media during Dscoop7 at booth 523 to get a detailed presentation of their range of E-PHOTO® Media and learn how the company can help you to grow your business in the digital printing space.

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