Dscoop7—Here and Now: Friday Morning Breakfast Session "Up Your Market Efforts"

Breakfast Session–Up Your Marketing Efforts: Take it to the Next Level
Moderator: Eric Hawkinson, Dscoop
Dscoop Member Panel: Rod Key, R and R Images; Howard Owen, Stafford Printing; Todd Kalagher, Finlay; Peter Winters, Winters Group & Associates

With the introduction of the Book of Possibilities and the Marketing to Win program at the Opening General Session on Thursday afternoon, Eric Hawkinson and the Dscoop member panel (listed above) explained how the two tools will work together to change the HP Graphic Arts industry. 

The Book of Possibilities showcases the potential of how HP Indigo printing can reproduce high-quality designs using different inks and substrates. The Marketing to Win program offers Dscoop members customizable marketing content through a quarterly newsletter and online educational workshops. 

Facing new opportunities in digital printing and communications, print service providers (PSPs) will need the resources to increase their marketing and sales conversion rates while decreasing the cost of acquisition. The Book of Possibilities and the Marketing to Win program combined will provide PSPs the “wow” factor and relative content they need to complete sales and gain new business. 

“Don’t go unless you show,” Todd Kalagher of Finlay said. “You have to provide examples to potential customers. They have to be able to touch and feel the samples.”

Rod Key of R and R Images echoed Kalagher’s statement saying: “No one likes an empty hand. You have to differentiate yourself from the competition and these tools will get you in the door.”

After the presentation, I spoke with first-time conference attendee Scott Volkert, sales manager of The Printery, on his views of how the marketplace is changing and how he thought the Book of Possibilities along with the Maketing to Win program can help.

“Right now, we have a good relationship with our customers and that helps us generate sales. But our company is evolving and we’re purchasing our first HP Indigo press (the company currently owns a HP roll-fed press). In the past, you had to rely on a designer to help you showcase your capabilities. With these tools, we gain the ability to create and control the content we present to our customers.”




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