Dscoop7—Here and Now: Friday Afternoon Session "Extreme Interior Design"

Extreme Interior Design
Tommy Rouse and Kara Wheeler, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Steve Hess, Make People Look

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is shown in 123 countries around the world and films year round.  Tommy and Kara are producers on the show, and have transformed the living space of deserving families using large format graphics. The process starts with the family casting department which goes through thousands of videos and picks the families who will be on the show. Once the family is chosen, Tommy and Kara start their planning which begins with working with local builders who will donate their time and services. Everything happens in a week while the family is on vacation. 

Their planning and designing was changed after working with Steve Hess and his capabilities on to print latex on the HPL2550. For the show, Steve printed PVC wallpaper, chairs and room wraps. Most of the turnaround was very quick, but the benefits are both helping the family in need, and getting marketing promotions and visibility around the world when the show airs.  

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