Dscoop7—Here and Now: "When Data Meets Creative: The Real Power of Pure 1-to-1 Marketing"

When Data Meets Creative: The Real Power of Pure 1-to-1 Marketing
Rafi Albo, SegMarketing

Taking marketing and brand options to your clients will help grow your business, that we know. But making the suggestion to use creative, unique pieces opens a new door for your clients and their brands, and also provides the opportunity to speak with larger brands around the world.

Albo discussed the massive amounts of data that are out there and available to companies that they don't use. Printers and marketers need to show them what they can do with that data!  There are ways to use the data creatively that will make your customers feel appreciated. 

An example of how to grow your business easily that Albo provided was just doing a simple birthday campaign. Everyone has a birthday, and reaching out to them for the special day. It makes a one-to-one connection and also keeps your campaign top of mind and memorable.  People are more likely to respond and tell their friends about it, allowing your brand to take advantage of the powerful tool of word-of-mouth marketing.

Check out an example: http://www.kedszoom.com


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