Dscoop7—Here and Now: Chad Dick Impresses Audience in “How Challenger Brands Succeed”

How Challenger Brands Succeed
Chad Dick of eatbigfish 

Attendees wanting to hear how to create a prominent brand identity in a saturated market were treated to impressive advertising videos and fun marketing examples in How Challenger Brands Succeed presented by Chad Dick of eatbigfish. 

Dick shared his outlook on how print service providers (PSPs) should be trying to be the most talked about company in their market and not necessarily the biggest. 

“Business owners need to have the mindset of David, patient and strategic, and the body of Goliath, encompassing and confident,” Dick said. “On average, you will spend 200 – 300 percent more just to level the playing field if you try to compete with market leaders.” 

Dick also encouraged the audience to hire professionals from different backgrounds and experience levels to infuse new and fresh ideas in all areas of their company. 

“Years of experience will get you in the door but it can also close it,” Dick said. “Don’t be afraid to hire brave, authentic individuals and lean into their ideas.” 

Marilee Clark of Colo.-based C2 Imaging attended Dick’s session and was impressed in how relevant the presentation was as well as the examples that were shown throughout. 

“It is important to continue to find inspiration and find new ways to see and think,” Clark said. “The Dscoop conference gives you a new perspective. Instead of trying to find your way to the end of the ‘job’ maze, you can pull yourself back and start to look at the entire setting. Then you’ll see that there are multiple ways to get to where you and your company can go.”



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