Top 5 Things to Do in Düsseldorf, Germany while Attending drupa (Venere Travel Blog)

Top 5 Things to Do in Düsseldorf, Germany

The city is located on one of the longest rivers in Europe, the River Rhine and is a mix of old and new with baroque buildings blending in seamlessly with some of the best shopping streets in Germany.

1. The Altstadt

What would Germany be without its beer? The Altstadt (Düsseldorf Old Town) is more renowned for its 300 plus discos and bars than it is for typical old world sightseeing. The Altstadt is often referred to as “the longest bar in the world” in reference to the many bars crammed into a relatively small borough. The Altstadt is worth a trip and if bar hopping isn’t your thing then you will be pleased to read that there are other attractions in the area like the Basilica St. Lambertus and the old City Hall (Rathaus).


2. Shopping on Königsallee

Königsallee or Kö as it is known locally is a beautiful and exclusive part of the city. A canal divides the picturesque boulevard and leafy trees grow on either side of the waterway. Königsallee also has a plentiful supply of shops and huge department stores on either side of the canal. The shopping malls that are worth checking out include the KÖ-Galerie (with over 130 shops under its roof) and Sevens (famous for its glass roof). And it doesn’t end there! The shopping spills out onto the nearby Schadowstraße and into the Altstadt district. However, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to Gucci and Chanel then don’t despair. There are plenty of great little pavement cafés where you can stop and just watch the world go by.


3. Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

This international museum is actually two different establishments, the K20 Kunstsammlung and the K21 Kunstsammlung. More than just catchy names, they are both famous and world renowned for their exceptional collections of modern international art. The K20 is located at 5 Grabbeplatz and houses art of the 20th century. It has a very impressive collection of works by Paul Klee and some individual pieces by Picasso and Beuys. The K21 features international art from 1980 onwards and is located at 1 Ständehausstraße. The very chic K21 bar is also well worth a visit after a long day at the museum.


4. Deutsche Oper am Rhein

The famous opera company, Deutsche Oper am Rhein are based in Düsseldorf. The company performs in the Opernhaus Düsseldorf and is celebrated as a Classical Ballet and opera company. Operas for children are organized from time to time so it worth checking out their schedule before you travel to see if there is something on that grabs you.


5. Boat Tour on the Rhein

A great way to see Düsseldorf is by boat. Tours are frequent and usually last about an hour. Prices are very reasonable and for just a little more you can double your drift time to two hours. You will be cruised up and down the river, from Burgplatz where you will see what remains of a baroque palace, along the banks of the Altstadt and all the way down to the very modern Medienhafen harbour where world famous architects have created spectacular buildings.

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