Visual Marking Systems Receives SGP Certification

Visual Marking SystemsVisual Marking Systems (VMS) has long been a leader in the field of printing technology. Now VMS is proud to announce that it has received certification from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) as a Certified Green Printer. VMS joins a short list of printing companies in the US and Canada who have exhibited a commitment to the principals of sustainability.

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership is an independent non-profit organization that provides certification labeling for the graphics communications industry. The goal of the SGP is to provide a framework for manufacturers in the graphics and printing industry to move beyond simple recycled content materials and address all aspects of the print manufacturing process.

SGP is not yet in the vocabulary of most printing companies. Dolf Kahle, CEO of VMS states, “SGP certification allows credibility and continuous education for VMS to do business better. Being a member of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership can open new doors to solutions for VMS, and provide economical, social and environmental improvements, to us and our customers.”

“By gaining VMS as a certified printer, SGP expands its visibility within the imaging community. Not only does VMS serve the retail market space, but more importantly, the OEM market,” comments Marci Kinter, Chairperson, SGP. “VMS’s reputation within the OEM market provides SGP a foothold into this ever-increasing and important market. We are excited to welcome VMS into the SGP certified community.”

VMS was already working to provide a facility that was safer, cleaner, and had less of an impact on the environment. Beginning in April 2011, VMS began seeking certification from SGP. VMS developed a system over the next 8-9 months and submitted its official application in October 2011.

After the initial application was made, VMS implemented a series of strategies that would ensure the approval of their certification. Some changes had already made within the facility. A sustainability team had already been established and that team had already identified areas of improvement and implemented tactics to make the manufacturer more sustainable. Through the certification process, VMS was able to take their plant further, and make the necessary changes to ensure certification. An audit was conducted by SGP, and followed up with a secondary Environmental Health and Safety review. A hygiene center was employed to conduct an air-sampling test using badges that are placed on employees. After these final tests were successfully completed on January 4, 2012, the auditor introduced the application of VMS to the board of review at the SGP.

Visual Marking Systems is proud to announce that their application has been reviewed and their certification is complete. VMS now joins a short list of graphic print industry manufacturers in the US and Canada who have demonstrated a commitment to SGP. Located in Twinsburg, VMS is the first in northern Ohio and second in the state to receive full certification.

About VMS
For over 50 years Visual Marking Systems (VMS) has been a leader in the high-performance custom graphic design services and printing industry producing products for the OEM, Point-of-Sale, Public Transit, and Fleet Graphics industries. This family owned business, located in Twinsburg, Ohio has over 100 employees. Clients include Lincoln Electric, Enterprise Truck, FedEx, Downing Display, Exxon, Navistar, Farmers Insurance, MOEN, GE and Davey Tree. For more information, please visit

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