Confessions of a Creative: The Blank Sheet Project launches "Leave Your Mark"

The Blank Sheet Project announces the launch of "Leave Your Mark," a new, dedicated place where ambassadors from a wide range of creative disciplines around the world reveal their personal creative influences. This gives The Blank Sheet Project a refreshing way to initiate a dialogue with the global creative community. 

An initiative from Arjowiggins Creative Papers, headquartered in Paris, France, The Blank Sheet Project aims to inspire creative excellence by encouraging individuals and businesses to be more innovative, thoughtful and sustainable. It asks creative professionals, given a blank sheet of paper "How will you leave your mark?" This inspirational inquiry now challenges a global audience. 

"Leave your Mark" is a new rallying point for all creative people, a window on the source of inspiration for a wide range of international talent. Every two weeks, these personalities will share with the creative community their thoughts, ambitions and creative vision. Facebook's creative director Ji Lee and actor Rutger Hauer are among those who have confirmed their upcoming participation. 

Appleton Coated amplifies The Blank Sheet Project's message as the exclusive North American distributor for The Curious Collection of fine papers and Conqueror premium identity paper brand, both manufactured by Arjowiggins. Learn more about Appleton Coated's innovative, sustainable and creative programs and products at 

In June 2011, Arjowiggins Creative Papers collaborated with two internationally renowned creatives -- art director and designer Neville Brody, and creative director Sir John Hegarty -- to inaugurate The Blank Sheet Project for the exchange of ideas. Today, artists and muses from fashion, art, movies and architecture, to name but a few disciplines, have an opportunity to share their insights in this space. "Leave Your Mark" is an Internet page that invites the creative world to engage in conversation on a global scale. This virtual "blank sheet" is an uncensored platform at the disposal of each ambassador where they can leave their mark and share their vision and experiences. 

In March "Leave Your Mark" featured Andy Gillet, French actor, model and "Egeria," and Cathleen Naundorf, internationally renowned photographer:

*Gillet confesses that he is driven by ambitions he held a child: "One of my dreams in life is to stay true to the promises I made myself when I was a kid." He says that in order to "realise the world envisaged by a director" he uses his "own experiences and identity to add depth/realism to a character." Currently, Gillet has top-billing in Philippe Terrier-Hermann's movie, "The American Tetralogy," also starring Sharon Stone. 

*Naundorf explains that from the beginning, her photographic work has been inspired by haute couture. "I want to express myself through photography. Photography is the opportunity to show my inside world, mixed with my desire to show my research on Men." Through this declaration, Naundorf reveals herself as an artist inspired by painting, by travel and by the haute couture's mystic atmosphere. Most recently, her work was exhibited in London, March 2-31, 2012 at the Hamiltons Gallery. 

In April, designer and illustrator Coco, founder of Forget Me Not, presented the perfect marriage of art and fashion. The next "Leave Your Mark" will feature Donald Potard. After collaborating with great names in fashion -- Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and others -- Potard founded "Agent de Luxe," an atypical agency that creates links between the worlds of luxury, creativity and business. 

Read more of these creative confessions and inspirations at The Blank Sheet Project's "Leave Your Mark."

About The Blank Sheet Project 

The Blank Sheet Project was conceived as an internal innovation program in 2010. The management of Arjowiggins Creative Papers asked themselves and their staff: "If we started again; if we had a blank sheet of paper; if we put sustainability at the very top of the agenda; what would we do? How could we do things differently?" From more than 2,000 responses generated within the company, Arjowiggins Creative Papers now has 40 teams developing ambitious sustainability projects to reflect its concern for people, prosperity and the planet. The company's 'up-cycled' reKreate paper, which re-uses fiber waste and contributes to a zero sludge mill, is just one of the many outcomes.

From its introduction in 2010, The Blank Sheet Project has gone on to address and inspire a global audience of young minds. To promote its message, Arjowiggins Creative Papers currently is collaborating with two eminent organizations: D&AD, the United Kingdom's leading body for the creative industries, and One Young World, an international initiative that brings together the leaders of today with the young leaders of tomorrow. 

About Arjowiggins Creative Papers 

Arjowiggins Creative Papers has 1,300 employees and its products are distributed in 82 countries. Products in the Arjowiggins Creative Papers portfolio continually achieve best-in-category for paper capability and print performance and are available globally. Each range offers a high-quality finish for a wide variety of applications.

All of Arjowiggins Creative Papers' brands have been FSC® certified since June 2008, and the company is constantly expanding its recycled paper ranges.

Arjowiggins Creative Papers has an unwavering commitment to working alongside customers and suppliers to continue to innovate through their range of inspiring papers and in the way they do business. This is supported by The Blank Sheet Project, its inspirational platform that challenges all to think creatively about how to leave a mark in a way that is socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

About Appleton Coated 

Appleton Coated offers the most comprehensive line-up of premium, coated papers available today marketed under the Utopia brand. From the elegance of Premium to hardworking Utopia Three, the Utopia family of coated papers offers six ways to ignite a passion for paper and the environment. The Curious Collection of fine papers and Conqueror premium paper brand are manufactured by Arjowiggins, headquartered in Paris, France, and distributed exclusively in North America by Appleton Coated. Since 1889, Appleton Coated has manufactured paper in Combined Locks, Wisconsin.



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