Pixami Announces Groundbreaking New Online Yearbook Creation Software

Pleasanton, CA (June 1, 2012)—Pixami, a leading provider of photobook creation software for 12 years, today announced a new product designed specifically for the school yearbook market. The 100% web-based software, called Pixami Yearbook Edition, offers all the advantages of Pixami’s popular consumer photobook product, with a host of groundbreaking yearbook-specific features. Pixami customers can quickly and profitably enter the large, lucrative yearbook market with a powerful, proven software solution.

Pixami Yearbook Edition, in development for two years and successfully Beta-tested in over two hundred schools, was designed to provide the extreme ease-of-use Pixami perfected in the consumer photo market, along with a broad selection of yearbook-specific features and creative tools. Cutting-edge functionality includes the ability for each school to have its own custom-branded yearbook site, with student portraits flowed directly into the book from a PSPA standard CD. In addition, a collaboration feature allows multiple people to work on the yearbook at once, and permission controls allow an administrator to manage the process and approve final pages. A complete back-end delivers a print-ready PDF of the finished product. Other features including the ability to connect to Facebook, and trendy, current template designs, borders, clip art, and photo effects appeal to students and make the yearbook creation process easy, fun and relevant.

As with Pixami’s Photo Site product, the new yearbook software is extremely flexible, customizable and brandable, with no need for any downloads or installation by the user. And unlike traditional yearbook solutions, individual students can even create custom yearbook pages with their own photos and text. Finished yearbooks are archived permanently, giving anyone the option to order a freshly printed copy at any time in the future.

This new software, coupled with the advantages of digital print production, will allow Pixami customers to profitably sell yearbooks in any quantity while also providing an excellent fundraiser for their partner schools. According to Gary Wood, Pixami’s VP of Sales and Marketing, “Pixami has been focused on the yearbook market for the past several years, taking what we’ve learned as a pioneer in the consumer photobook space. We believe our new offering is a unique and groundbreaking solution, that definitely meets a need not currently being met by any other software provider.”

Pixami’s Yearbook Edition brings the yearbook to the digital age, and is poised to change the way yearbooks are created, sold, and archived. The software is available for licensing directly from Pixami, with a launch scheduled for August 2012. Interested parties should contact Pixami for more information and a product demonstration.

About Pixami

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pixami is the leading provider of online software for the creation of custom photo products including photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, posters, mugs, mousepads and other photo gifts.

Pixami developed the first ever online photobook software in 2000, and has a long, successful track record licensing software for use in the mass consumer photo market, as well as for events, sports, education, travel and tourism, and many other markets.

Pixami has a worldwide customer base driving hundreds of live sites, including some of the largest sites in the US, processing several million orders per year. The company’s web site is located at www.pixami.com.

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