Layar Creator sees an interactive future for print media via augmented reality (Engadget)

Layar, a mobile augmented reality provider, has launched a self-service web application for adding digital content to print pages. Images, videos, PDFs, links and more can be "layered" onto the print pages, then viewed by readers via the Layar app on their smartphones.

Read more from Engadget (originally posted 5 June 2012):

Heavy hitters across several industries have tried to find the perfect balance between the old and the new to breathe some life into what's been described as a dying medium. Layar "wants to make the world clickable" with its augmented reality software and doesn't plan on letting paper-based media go the way of paying for long distance or total privacy. Instead, it's opted to fully welcome it into this brave new digital world by letting publishers embed videos and interactive buttons onto existing printed materials. A mobile app can then display superimposed content that pops right up on the page when viewed through a device's camera. The new web app, Layar Creator, is free if you can get your stuff published and all Layared up before August 1st, but if you're a procrastinator, a 100-page bundle will run €999 ($1,242), or €15 ($18.65) per page. You can see the Layar Creator and AR app in full effect [below].

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