ASU Print & Imaging Lab Gives Student Workers Hands-On Experience

ASU Print & Imaging Lab logoDscoop Member Company Arizona State University (ASU) Print & Imaging Lab is making sure its students get firsthand printing experience with its unique student-worker program. At the in-plant, which provides printing for the university's four campuses, 79 percent of the employees are students—which is considered a rarity in this industry. The students are apart of ASU's Graphic Information Technology program and work part-time in the in-plant, which is located in the Technology Center on the university's Polytechnic Campus.

"The ASU Print & Imaging Lab is a very unique, self sufficient in-plant," said Cathy Skoglund, manager of operations and business development. "We are a full functioning printing company open five days a week with state-of-the-art software and equipment. Our student employees are of the elite when they graduate. The industry is requesting future employees who already have the knowledge and experience of digital printing, digital sales and more. We are fulfilling this request one student at a time."

 ASU Students

In the Print & Imaging Lab, the students have access to key software and equipment, like a seven-color HP Indigo 5500 digital color press, two HP Designjet wide-format printers, MindFireInc PURL software and more. This hands-on experience proves extremely useful for the rising print pros, as some of the past workers have gone on to work for companies like Fujifilm and Consolidated Graphics.

John Preston, a May 2012 graduate who worked at the print lab for the last two years, said, "My time at the print lab really paid off. After my second day at Shutterfly, it was clear that I had the training needed to get the work done, and I’m well prepared to advance in my career."

 ASU Students

We encourage you to use this example as inspiration to work with your local colleges as a source for potential employees in marketing and operations.

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