GlobalSoft Digital Solutions Installs Solar Panels to Increase Sustainability

GSDS solar panels

In May, GlobalSoft Digital Solutions installed a state-of-the-art solar system on the roof of its headquarters facility in Mahwah, N.J. The new system, valued at more than $1 million and subsidized by the State of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, was installed by Mercury Solar Systems, and will provide 30-50 percent of GlobalSoft’s energy (depending on the time of the year).

"Our clients are looking more and more towards partners who embrace sustainable operations. So along with being a world community partner concerned with our carbon output footprint, we felt solar is just one more way we can do the right thing as a corporate citizen,” said Christopher M. Petro, president and CEO of GlobalSoft. “We wanted more. We really wanted to develop our own power using the sun and be part of the solution—not just look good on paper through buying alternative power from the grid. In some months, we will actually deliver energy back into the grid for others to use. To me, that's action and responsibility, and commitment to the environment.”

The decision was made to expand on the company's previously initiated sustainability practices of cardboard/paper waste recycling, high efficiency/green lighting and proximity control of energy and lighting throughout the facility.

“It’s a culture,” Petro said. “Everyone in our organization has joined our corporate efforts to make sustainability viable for us. Without the commitment of our people, sustainability doesn’t work.”

GlobalSoft will be able to use the solar panels by the end of this month, pending inspection.

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