Seeing is Believing When It Comes to Dscoop EMEA - Wrap-up of Dscoop Day in Israel

“Once you've been to a Dscoop event, you will always come back – seeing is believing.”

“Dscoop helps PSPs grow their business – education on latest trends, inspiration from new ideas and access to the latest solutions.”

“Dscoop is about being part of an international community.”

“Take a leap and join us at Print United, taking place November 7-9 in Barcelona.”


These are some of the key messages Dscoop EMEA delivered to Israeli print service providers (PSPs) at an event hosted by HP on 13 September. Many have heard about the organization, but not from a fellow PSP who is already reaping the benefits of becoming a member and attending conference.

Following a welcome by Shlomo Menasharoff, HP, Eran Friedman (CMO of Israel-based Dfus Ilan and Dscoop Membership Committee member) shared a presentation that covered the benefits of Dscoop and why it has been a resounding success around the world. Then he covered the questions that are most frequently asked: What does Dscoop mean? Who is behind the organization? How is it run? How is it different from other organizations and how much of a role does HP play in running things? You can take a look at the Dscoop value brochure to find the answers to these questions, and more.

After Eran, Nir Weizman from Papyrus shared with the audience his own experience at the conference and most importantly, how it has helped him to grow his business in new directions. One key takeaway for him was that contacts he made at Dscoop conference were priceless – not only did he discover people from abroad were willing to share, but he was also inspired by many of the sessions he attended. Weizman was glad he had one other person with him at conference to make sure he did not miss out on any of the sessions. He shared that this was the best quality conference he had ever attended, and every educational session he attended gave him either a new idea, knowledge or inspiration to take back to his business to implement.

The evening also included an educational session by MindfireInc and an inspirational talk by Yael Arad, the first Israeli to ever win an Olympic medal.

All in all, it was a special evening, with many of the attendees deciding on the spot that they could not afford to miss the first Dscoop EMEA conference.

So are you intrigued?

HP is hosting similar Dscoop Days in the U.K., Turkey and Italy. Reach out to your HP account manager to make sure you attend one of these. Or, simply give a call to Peter van Teeseling, Dscoop EMEA Director (+31681369008), to set up your one-on-one session to learn more.

Kick off your business growth and join us where the grass is greener – at Print United, the Dscoop EMEA Conference.

To learn more about Dscoop and Conference go to:

Written by Marci Shenven, HP Dscoop EMEA Liaison

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