It's all about trust

At Dscoop we believe that doing business starts with trust. 
Trust among business owners, sales & marketing staff and technical operators. 
As you know, trust doesn't happen overnight. 

With your Dscoop membership you can connect to likeminded (HP Graphic Arts) digital print specialists in other countries and segments. And at conference you get to meet your peers. Shake hands and really get to know each other. That's a nice first step in building trust.

Two Dscoop members, Erwin Koerts (from Aeroprint in The Netherlands) and Jon Bailey (from ProCo in the United Kingdom), talk about the new business perspective that has opened up to them. Through the Dscoop network, they successfully operate across borders and segments. Meeting in real life builds trust and that takes away the concerns about partnering; they know where to go.

Let's hangout

Today's technology is helping build these relationships. This is a recording of a Google Hangout where Erwin and Jon talk about how they do business together and how their Dscoop membership has helped them to build trust with their customers.

Interested in joining an online Hangout? Get in touch or join us in Barcelona for a real-life hangout!



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