Social Business Is for Grown-ups (The Digital Nirvana)

Forget social media. What we’re talking about now is “social business.”

It’s a term that results from mixing social media with business objectives .. and it’s spreading within large companies.

Three components comprise social business: social media, the cloud, and team collaboration.

1. Social Media.
Writing in his August 24 article in InformationWeek’s “the barnyard,” Dion Hinchcliffe noted that — in order to significantly displace the old — new, and additional social channels for engaging with customers, suppliers, partners, and workers must be more efficient and productive than the old ways — which means: strategy first, validated by experiments.

Who will lead all of this? As the latest McKinsey research points out, there is now $900 million to $1.3 trillion at stake annually. Rest assured that social business has moved out of the intern’s office and into the C-suite of large companies, where CEOs, CMOs, and CIOs are salivating over social.

2. The Cloud [aka "Silo Bombing"]
Big Biz is moving to manage people-centric processes [e.g. hiring, training, management, compensation] into the clouds.

As Hinchcliffe points out, marketing has long been engaged in social media, customer service has been ramping up the social media efforts, and collaborative teams have long been working via in-house social intranets. The rest of the organization? Not so much. But that’s changing.

Many larger companies are developing a cross-enterprise strategy to dump old communication channels — aka “silos” — in favor of new “social” ones. That means free exchange, authenticity, true information access, and loss of control for many departmental managers.

3. Team Collaboration
Over the next five years, Hinchliffe sees email, mass media, telephone, and “other 20th century channels” growing stale, with new collaborative social team systems emerging.

We’ve all got a new partner now — or is it a master? No matter. Technology will most certainly help us redefine “possible.” The C-Suite job now is to grow-up to the achievable.

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