Successful Dscoop event is a catalyst for collaboration

The dust has settled and we are proudly looking back at a very successful first Dscoop event in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This serves as an inspiration to keep developing new offerings and empower our members with new tools that can deliver positive results for their businesses.

Dscoop EMEA members will soon receive the DscoopUpdate, the quarterly printed newsletter, with a full report on the conference. All recorded sessions, translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish, will soon be available on the Dscoop website (members only).

Two of our keynote speakers had some comments to share on Dscoop and the community. See below for a video. Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter Extraordinaire said:

"The Dscoop community is amazing! I like the idea of many small units helping each other in a kind of network way. I think that s very much a model for collaboration for the future."

Ken Schmidt, Brand Visionary and Communications Strategist for Harley-Davidson Motor Company inspired the attendees to engage with their customers/disciples on a human level. Have stories to tell. No story means nothing happened.

"What I basically told them, with as much passion and energy as I could muster as a huge fan of print, is that we need to build a stronger relationship with the people that we serve by engaging them on a human level; which creates tremendous differentiation for us in the marketplace which is precisely what I think the people in the printing industry need to do."



At the conference attendees were introduced to new customizable marketing tools and newsletters. These tools will assist members in educating their customers. Dscoop members will be able to utilize these presentation tools to aid in the delivering of messages on the power of digital print, 1-1 personalization and VDP via professionally produced, multi-media formats.

The ‘Dscoop Digital Print Locator’ was also announced. It will feature two content paths. One will be aimed at printers to foster local and global partnerships across its 7,000-strong membership in 70 countries. There will also be a client facing path that showcases members’ to generate sales and promote their businesses to the marketing and design community. 

If you are interested to join the Dscoop community and learn what it can do for your business, please contact Peter van Teeseling, EMEA director at +31681369008.

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