Dscoop EMEA goes multilingual!

In November 2012 Dscoop held Print United, our inaugural conference in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) with 500 delegates attending from over 30 countries.  Based on attendee feedback, it was a fantastic event for networking and the delivery of content designed to drive your business success.  
But this is just the beginning of Dscoop value. Our members benefit from year round offerings including 24/7 operational forums, printed and email newsletters, educational webinars and case studies. In addition, Dscoop is introducing new tools this year exclusive to members, geared to help you create a buzz, generate more jobs and additional revenue streams. All these offerings are available in English.  
But some of you are probably wondering what are our plans to support more languages?

The big five: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

We heard you – there is a growing need for content in languages other than English.
Dscoop EMEA already is offering educational webinars in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. These webinars will be hosted by national speakers and focus on topics relevant to the region. The webinar schedule is available in our DscoopNow email newsletters. 
At Print United, Dscoop announced new tools that help you grow your business. Look for the customizable marketing newsletters, presentation tools and Digital Print Locator to all be available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. More information will be coming out around the customizable newsletters in January 2013.  More exciting news will be coming your way when the Digital Print Locator goes live spring 2013 and with presentation tools published summer 2013. 

German – our starting point for localized content

Localized content in local languages will help to increase community engagement. So where are we starting? A growing community of Dscoop members from Germany engaged at conference. Volunteers have stepped up to become active in the committees. This local support in Germany allows us to launch German offerings.

What does that mean exactly for our offerings? 

Our quarterly printed newsletter, DscoopUpdate, will be completely translated into German starting with the December 2012 issue. The DscoopNow, our monthly email newsletter is also available in German from January 2013. Finally our Scoops, Dscoop member case studies, will be available in German from January 2013. German speaking members can expect 3 editions of DscoopUpdate, 10 DscoopNow email newsletters and 6 Scoops. 
Moving forward, we will continue to evaluate our next steps in delivering the Dscoop advantage to members. This includes new content, member benefits and of course, localized in other languages. 

Dscoop is driven by its members

You can help us bring more localized content by becoming a volunteer to help drive translations – even if you have just 1 hour a week. Just click here to drop us a note and we will reach out to you. It’s really simple - the more involvement of volunteers, the quicker Dscoop can add on offerings in additional languages.  And besides joining our growing group of volunteers has a silver lining - it’s a great way to jump start networking, be visible and getting to know your peers.

Let’s build together on the positive spirit attendees experienced at Print United conference. It supports our belief that a strong network of HP Graphic Arts print service providers across the region will grow into a significant voice of the print industry.

Stay tuned for further announcements in the coming year!

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