The Path to Social Media Success in 2013: A 12-Month Plan (MarketingProfs)

Often, the best way to reach a huge goal is to break it down into small, less intimidating goals.  

To help small businesses tackle the daunting task of developing a social media presence (without feeling overwhelmed), Intuit has created a "Path to Social Success in 2013" infographic.

The 12-month plan divides the goal of achieving social success into quarters, each focusing on a specific goal:

  • First quarter: Take social media inventory.
  • Second quarter: Work on relationships.
  • Third quarter: Integrate everything.
  • Fourth quarter: Look backward, then forward.

For each quarter, Intuit then lists big ideas for each month to reach that goal.

For example, the first quarter is about taking social media inventory, so January is dedicated to assessing your social fitness; February, to revisiting your social goals; and March, to establishing ways to measure success, such as number of followers and fans, traffic to website, social mentions across platforms, share of social conversations, and social influence.

Check out the following infographic (designed by Column Five) and plot your course for social media success in 2013:

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