MindFireInc® to Showcase Innovative Marketing Automation Platform at AppForum 2013



Will host 3-hour pre-conference intensive on key benefits of marketing automation

In a world where Big Data has taken businesses by hold and lead nurturing is more critical than ever, MindFireInc® has developed a unique marketing automation platform that offers service providers a new revenue stream.  Attendees of the 2013 PODi AppForum on January 28 – 30 in Las Vegas, of which MindFireInc is a sponsor, will be able to personally test the innovative product. MindFireInc will also host a three-hour pre-conference intensive session outlining how marketing automation can revolutionize a business and help achieve staggering growth.

Executive Vice President Joseph Manos will host alongside MindFireInc client Ted Raymond, Principal of Allegra Marketing and Print, the 3-hour educational session “The Key Benefits of Marketing Automation” from 1 – 4 p.m. on January 28. At this session, Raymond will attest to his business success as a direct result of marketing automation technology.

“Marketing automation is here and now,” said Manos.  “MindFireInc knows that it is critical for a successful business to not only configure its automated campaigns, but to do so easily and effectively. Failure to get involved in this area of opportunity is costly on so many levels. At the 2013 AppForum, we will make sure you and your clients are equipped with automated multi-channel integration before your competitor.”
The intensive program will:

•    Educate attendees on the booming marketing automation industry and how it maximizes lead generation and conversion
•    Demonstrate how service providers can leverage marketing automation technology as a critical need for their clients
•    Provide first-hand exploration of marketing automation for marketers who wish to generate high-quality leads
•    Introduce a real-life example of a fully automated drip marketing campaign with multiple lead nurturing sequences
•    Inform attendees on how to develop a 3-phase trade-show marketing program using marketing automation.

For those who cannot attend the hands-on session, they are encouraged to visit the MindFireInc booth, where they will learn how MindFire Studio will help their business grow substantially in the new year.

Visit http://myPODi.com to book your seat for this presentation, and learn about MindFireInc’s special promotional program for AppForum 2013.


About MindFireInc®

MindFireInc's marketing automation software, the MindFire Studio, is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop application allowing print and marketing professionals to visually create highly personalized marketing workflows; orchestrate direct mail, email, mobile and social media; leverage triggers to automate drip-and-nurture sequences; and analyze performance using visual Reporting & Analytics.
MindFireInc is proud to be named by Inc. 500 as the 6th & 20th fastest growing software company in the United States for two consecutive years. More than 600 companies and 6,200 users in 21 countries depend on MindFireInc to manage thousands of cross-media marketing campaigns.

Visit http://mindfireinc.com to learn more about MindFireInc. To sign up for a free test drive of MindFire Studio, visit: http://mindfirestudio.com.

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