How Does Elimination of Saturday Delivery Affect You? (The Digital Nirvana)

How does elimination of Saturday mail delivery affect the printing industry? I’ve read different opinions in different places, but the most interesting opinion (to me) came from Mario Lima, a social media marketing specialist, posting a comment in the Print Production Professionals LinkedIn discussion group. He said,

Mail that would normally drop on Saturdays will most likely be received on Mondays instead, so on Monday there may be more competition for a recipient’s attention. Also, because there’s one less day of mail delivery there may generally be one or two additional pieces of mail in a day. So being creative with your mail continues to be very important to get your piece the recipient’s attention. The more they notice your piece, the more likely it will be opened.

Great points! Some of us in punditland have been saying for awhile that less mail in the mailbox is a good thing for marketers because it means that the mail that does arrive is more likely to be noticed. But with elimination of Saturday delivery (which the USPS has indicated will start in August), the volume in the Monday box will rise.

Does this mean that marketers planning to hit the mailbox on Mondays will want to shift to “lighter mail” Tuesdays instead? I wonder.

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