Teaching Brands New Tricks - Book Excerpt (Adweek)

Steve Addis comes from the grand old world of consumer packaged goods—CPG. He started his career at Clorox, but along the way decided to take a journey into branding, and now he’s proud to call among his clients Lego, Intel and Smith & Hawken.

“We’re overwhelmed” Addis says. “There’s simply too much choice and access to information to manage on our own. As a result of this new changing reality, we now live in a curator economy. Businesses that understand, embrace, and harness the power of the curator have the opportunity to tap into newfound loyalty.”

New brands, born in the past 10 years, have a curation equation baked in, Addis says. They don’t have to “get it”; they are it. They came into being after the power and influence of network TV began to wane, and they cut their teeth on social media. So brands like Google, sites like Etsy, or companies like Starbucks don’t have to reinvent themselves. But that may mean the large packaged-goods companies are on the long slow slide down the tubes. It’s simply difficult to teach an elephant to dance. Getting brands that are used to buying their way to the front of the line with media dollars to understand that being transparent and responsive wins the day is very hard.

The idea is that brands, both old and new, need to stop ignoring the emergence of consumer power and instead embrace it and accept it. They must channel it, and in turn change how they think about customers. Humans, formerly known as either consumers or couch potatoes, are now creators and thought leaders, passive no more. “Finding and cultivating consumer trust in this economy of abundance means businesses need to understand, embrace, and harness the shift to become a curator brand—a brand that engenders such a level of trust and advocacy that it rises to the level of a peer,” Addis says.

Read the full exerpt at http://www.adweek.com/news/television/teaching-brands-new-tricks-book-excerpt-126147

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