Gary Peeling: To survive, we must become POEs: Print Outcome Experts

Gary Peeling, Dscoop EMEA Board Chairman, shared his comments on key to collaboration for print service providers.

"The pressures on our industry are real: weak demand, overcapacity and new media with clear proof points and sleek presentation.

Of course, none of this applies to us at Precision – well I hope it doesn’t – but deep down I know that, like many of us, I have been guilty of some of the sins that have brought us as an industry to this point.

Every time we talk to customers about ‘XL this and dpi that’ or ‘ISO blah de blah’, they nod politely, but they’re thinking: ‘Get me out of here!’ Every time we ask for an ‘opportunity to quote’, we are essentially just training our customers to buy our product purely on price.
We spend our whole time talking about the ‘how’ and perhaps don’t understand the ‘why’; we all need to be experts in why and where our product works – not just be technical experts on how it is delivered.
In the face of such challenges, it became clear to me that my peers are no longer the main competition. Instead, they are the potential solution to kickstarting our wonderful industry into growth. That is why I decided to become involved with Dscoop and the BPIF."


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