Be Recognized Within the Dscoop Community

DJ Brown, digital printing specialist at Carlisle Printing, has been recognized as a Top Contributor regularly for his activity on the Dscoop website. Read on to learn the best advice he’s received from, as well the activities he participates in on the website.
DJ.jpgHow has the Dscoop website helped you and your business?
I am able to resolve minor issues much more quickly and without a service call and extended down time. More up-time equals more profit. 
What is your favorite activity on the website?
Definitely corresponding with other operators through the forums and being able to help each other troubleshoot and brainstorm ideas. It was awesome to meet so many of the operators at the Dscoop conference. Now the website is more than just pictures and names.
What tips do you have for others to get the most out of
Absolutely take advantage of this great tool for troubleshooting and education, like the Webinars. No question is t0o insignificant or unimportant. There are operators with all levels of experience and someone may know the solution to your problem right now. You have to visit the website though to find out.
Dscoop members can post and gain insight and help from each other in the communities. You have to log in to join the discussion. Stay active on the Dscoop website and gain points that will give you the opportunity to be recognized within the Dscoop community.
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