About Document Options in Printweek - Why rivals benefit from being friends

From the Printweek UK article profiling Document Options, a Dscoop EMEA member from the United Kingdom:

0_0_220_http-__offlinehbpl.hbpl.co.uk_News_WNP_D648097C-D7A8-A890-505DFCAF254C8817.jpgThree or four years ago, the team at Crawley-based Document Options decided they needed to do something different. The company was founded in 1974 as a microfilm and litho printing bureau and evolved into a document scanning and management and digital print business, but it had hit something of an impasse. Like many other printers, Document Options was starting to find that a business model of competing mainly on price was no longer as viable as it had once been.

"We decided we needed to offer different products – more high-end, personalised products," says production manager Dan Patience. "We needed to diversify and be a little bit different."

Crucial to achieving this, he continues, was switching from one digital vendor, whose machines were presenting quality issues, to purchase a duo of HP machines. "Though it’s not quite the right word, we did used to be more of a copyshop, but in the past five years we’ve certainly become more of a commercial printer with digital equipment. We’re selling more high-end brochures, doing our own finishing; we’ve invested a lot of money in good equipment recently."

Dan Patience closes the article with his top tip:

"Choose a networking forum that is relevant to you. There are lots of litho and flexo forums out there that are not relevant to me, whereas Dscoop is, because we’ve all got the same or similar kit, offer similar products and have similar problems. Ensuring you network with relevant people is key."

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