Jimmy Cardona Is Named Dscoop.org Top Contributor

Jimmy Cardona, press operator at Edwards Label, is this week’s top contributor on Dscoop.org. During the week of May 13, he earned 100 points, bringing his total from 542 to 642. Read on to learn the best advice Jimmy has received from Dscoop.org, as well the activities he participates in on the website.

What is the biggest problem that the Dscoop forums have helped you solve?
There have been a few; from issues with my PIP on our 4600, to simple maintenance in key areas that could greatly affect the overall performance of your unit.

How has the Dscoop website helped you and your business?
Some of the tips and advice from operators helps our business by reducing our downtime with quick responses. In turn, producing more and increasing our profit!

What is your favorite activity on the website?
I love reading all of the old comments and tips. To me, it’s very interesting how the operators push through their struggles and resolve the problems/issues with their unit, plus I gain knowledge!

What tips do you have for others to get the most out of Dscoop.org?
Get on Dscoop.org and read, read, read! Comment, comment, comment! The dumbest question is the one not asked.

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