Web-2-Print Workshop for Dscoop Japan Members Conducted by a Leading Industry Expert – Jennifer Matt

Just fresh out of the successful Dscoop Asia conference in Beijing last May 16th, our Dscoop Japan headed by Mr. Yukinori Okamoto of Pullcast and our HP Japan team organized a workshop about the adoption of Web-2-Print solution to Dscoop members.

JM.jpgThe morning session was conducted by Ms. Jennifer Matt, CEO of Web-2-Print Experts, and was focused on how to get started on the web-to-print journey.  She shared a roadmap for successful programs and outlined some of the key mistakes many companies make like the thinking that buying a web-to-print software is enough to be successful.  Her recommendations are to first build your online business strategy, focus on one customer as a pilot to work out the business success requirements and logistics, ensure you have the right internal resources for technical, production and sales functions, and then fine-tune your business model based on what works best for you.

“Compared from the previous Dscoop-J workshops, we could see more people demand and really look for more information about W2P solutions because this event was only two weeks before the event which is also in the middle of the golden week but they still had so many registrations” says HP Indigo & IHPS’s country manager, Mr. Ryosuke Koike.

There were 39 current Dscoop members who attended the workshop where they gave a positive feedback including comments such as “the explanation was very easy to understand. Useful information, well organized.” and “It is based on experiences, not textbooks, so it was very convincing.” and “Very useful for creating our future strategy.”

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