Family Activities

The Gaylord National Hotel offers family-oriented activities for the younger ones if you are planning on bringing them to Washington D.C. Please visit the Gaylord's family activities page for more information on tours and events or contact the concierge. 

Kids' Activities

The Gaylord National Hotel offers additional kids' activities for hotel guests:

  • Kids' Activity Set - games, coloring activities and crayons
  • Potomac Playzone - family arcade
  • Fountain Show - a majestic display of lights, sound and water.
  • Swimming - enjoy the junior Olympic-sized pool, heated all year round (no lifeguard on duty)

Please note that parents are responsible for their children when participating in any of the additional kids' activities.

Babysitting Information

Dscoop offers information on various babysitting options for Dscoop7 attendees. Please note that Dscoop is not affiliated with either of these companies.

White House Nannies Inc.
7200 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814


Standard childcare:  $35.00/day (Regular)  $45.00/day (On-Call)
Holiday childcare: $50.00/day (Regular)   $60.00/day (On-Call)
Newborn care (under 12 wks):  $45.00/day (Regular)  $55.00/day (On-Call)
Newborn overnight: $55.00/day (Regular) $65.00/day (On-Call)
Standard overnight: $50.00/day (Regular) $60.00/day (On-Call)
Non-registered childcare: $65.00/day (Regular) $75.00/day (On-Call)
Non-registered overnight: $85.00/day (Regular) $95.00/day (On-Call)

Seeking Sitters
P.O. Box 402, McLean, VA  22101


Number of Children       Hourly Rate
           1                             $18.25
           2                             $19.75
           3                             $21.50
           4                             $24.50
           5                             $28.50
        Group                        $32.50

*Four hour minimum required for all sitting events.

Hotel & Travel - Book your hotel room by February 17, 2012 and receive the special negotiated Dscoop rate.