Enhance your marketing and sales efforts with this new toolkit from Dscoop.

    • Differentiate yourself as a trusted, valued partner knowledgeable about the latest marketing trends

    • Nurture your sales prospects and deepen your relationships within accounts

    • Enrich your clients’ understanding of digital print

    The Marketing to Win toolkit includes training and tools that teach you how to speak to designers and helps you create a full content marketing strategy.


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    Marketing to Win can be purchased* as an add-on to your existing Dscoop membership for $1,095 + shipping.
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    Components of the Marketing to Win Toolkit

    Training for your sales force

    • Education from industry leaders such as Peter Winters to teach you how to get into, communicate with and win new accounts by using marketing tools that show your leadership.
    • Peter Winters is the president of Winters Group & Associates, a coaching organization in the space of selling and delivering marketing automation services to senior marketing officers of large companies.

    The Book of Possibilities

    • Printed in Israel, this design book uses cutting-edge
      technologies on different substrates and special
      finishes, showcasing the impeccable quality of HP Indigo.
    • A tool in your arsenal to impress designers
      and creative professionals by sharing what’s
      possible with HP Indigo digital print.

    Customizable Content

    • A tool that makes it easy for you to create multiple touch points with customers via direct mail postcards, newsletters or emails to open up dialogue.
    • The world-class articles and content brands your company as a thought leader in marketing. Over the long term, you’ll be able to nurture your sales prospects and deepen your relationships within accounts.
    • Available quarterly beginning May 2012, customizable content comes in two forms: in a fully-editable Adobe InDesign® file and a press-ready
      newsletter that only needs your company’s own masthead.

    Purchasing Options

    Full Marketing to Win Toolkit*

    • Purchasing the full toolkit for $1,095 + shipping gives you the education and tools to grow your business 

    Additional Book of Possibilities*

    • If you'd like additional books for your team, they are available for $250 + shipping.  This option is only available with purchase of the Full Marketing to Win Toolkit. 

    Customizable Content

    • If you are looking specifically for content marketing resources, you can purchase:
      • Customizable content - Available quarterly beginning May 2012, content that brands your company as a marketing thought leader for $899 

      • Library of customizable content - Available immediately, 40 pages of content that brands your company as a marketing thought leader for $499 


    *Currently only available for online purchase within the US & Canada. Please email us if you are an international member and would like to purchase.



    What Members are Saying...

    "Marketing to Win is a perfect tool because it’s ready-to-use, the articles are directed toward digital printing technology and it’s affordable."
    -Andre Soriano, Tower Litho (Toronto, Canada)

    "With the Marketing to Win Toolkit, we saw what great value providing tools for our company and marketing team could provide."
    -Cece Smith, SmithPrint (San Antonio, Texas)

    “Using the Marketing to Win customizable content, we sold an $80,000 project, resulting in a 7,900% return on investment.”
    -Howard Owen, Stafford Printing (Stafford, Virginia)

    "We branded the newsletter to continue our position that L & D Mail Masters helps our clients create campaigns that relate, captivate, cultivate and resonate with their target audience. This has been a huge boost in our content marketing strategy."
    -Krista Fischer, L & D Mail Masters (New Albany, Indiana)



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