FAQs: Dscoop Membership

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Company Profile

  • How do I add my company logo to our company profile?
    A. The primary contact for your company can update your logo by selecting “My Group” located on the right side of your screen under “My Options”.
    B. Click “Update Picture” under the Actions tab located on the right side of the screen.
    C. Click Update File and upload a file from your computer. The logo will then appear on the right-hand side in the box “About this Group.”

    * Dscoop recommends a size that is a 100x100 square box for the best quality to appear on your page. You can have white space in there, but that is the ideal size.

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  • How do I ensure I am receiving all of the latest Dscoop news and announcements?
    A. Make sure your email address and mailing address are listed correctly in your profile.
    B. Review your opt-in options. You can choose which emails and mailings you’d like to receive.

  • How do I subscribe to a forum?

    A. Click the My Subscriptions link, from the My Options drop down in the upper right corner of any window.
    B. Select the Category of Forum Topic in which you are interested, and a list of valid topics will display.
    C. Click the topic to which you want to subscribe and then click the "Add" button to add it to your subscription list.
    D. The subscription will now display in your subscription list below. At this point you can change your delivery option. See the legend at the bottom of the window for more information on what will be sent to you.


    When viewing the forum, click the Subscribe button as it appears in the About this Topic Box.

Networking with and Finding Other Members

  • What is the best way to find another Dscoop member on the site?
    A. To search for an individual, type the member’s name in the search box in the upper right-hand corner of any page. 
    B. Mouse over the arrow, select “User Search” and click Go.
    C. To search for a company, select “Group Search” and click Go.

  • What does following another user mean?
    Following means their activity will appear in your Activity Stream on your homepage, similar to Twitter followers. You will be able to see who they are following or connecting with and their activity on the site.

  • What does connecting with a user mean?
    To connect with someone is similar to following someone, but you have a mutual network with each other. Similar to Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections, members must approve requests for connections, so you decide who you connect with. Visibility settings on your MyPage can be changed to show information to connections rather than all members.

  • How do I follow and/or connect with another user?
    Follow the same instructions above for searching for other members. Once you are on their MyPage, you can choose “Add to My Network” and follow or connect with that person.

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