Business, Sales and Marketing

DEEP DIVE: High-Margin Selling to the Most Profitable Customer in your Market
Nick Devine, The Print Coach
Discover the best strategy for finding new customers who are looking for more
than just your cheap price. Learn how to improve your sales conversion rates
without discounting and how to sell more to your existing accounts and win repeat business.

DEEP DIVE: Building Brand Loyalty and Growing Pages with Social Media
Peter van Teeseling and Dscoop EMEA Members
You’ve read all about it: social media is here to stay. Social media can benefit
printers in multiple ways: for marketing purposes, to build trust in your brand and as content you can use for actually printing pages. Get the latest updates on social media
for printers, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and the newest
sensation Pinterest. It’s going to be hands on: bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone
to the session and get to work.

Tapping into International Markets Through Dscoop Partnerships
Dscoop EMEA Members
Business opportunities in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Russia
and Africa, as well as established markets such as Asia and North America
are within reach when you partner with other Dscoop members. Hear success
stories and ideas from print service providers in a few of these countries and
how they would like to collaborate.

Forget VDP – The Power and Profits of Pure One-to-One Marketing
In order to sell VDP, you must understand database marketing and the way brand
mangers think. SEGMARKETING has worked with clients such as Nike, Keds
and Visa to create loyalty marketing campaigns. Hear dozens of case studies
that offer insights and practical to-do lists so you can offer pure one-to-one
marketing to your clients.

6 Principles of Business: How to Maximise Digital Opportunities
John Charnock, Print Research International and Dscoop EMEA Members
Learn an approach to developing several aspects of your business by structuring
your organisation with six disciplines that can help maximise the opportunities
presented by today’s digital market. Hear general trends and success stories.

Keeping Print Relevant in a Mobile Connected World
Peter Lancaster, documobi
Gain an understanding and appreciation of the potential disruption of print itself
(threat and opportunity in equal measure) by the wider communications industry.
The pace of change in digital marketing is quickening and marketers have no
choice but to keep up. This technologyneutral session helps printers change
the conversation they have with those who specify whether, or how, a job gets
printed and how making print interactive makes money. Experience QR, Tags, AR,
iPR and more.

On-Demand Production for Publishing and Photo Merchandise  in
Multi-Press Environments
Bruce Watermann, Blurb, Dscoop EMEA Members
Learn from a group of high-volume print service providers who are bringing new
ideas to efficiency and quality for HP Indigo operations with an emphasis on
front-end automation, print-on-demand books and photo merchandise. Topics
include: software, lean manufacturing and automation to improve quality, service
time and cost of goods sold to optimise production on HP Indigo presses.

Driving Operational Excellence
Udi Vaks, HP and Dscoop EMEA Members
Your business depends on your ability to leverage your operations to achieve
business growth and using your resources to the fullest. HP experts work with you to
analyse production, operations and your processes to identify gaps and waste.
Hear how you can increase efficiencies in a production environment, streamline
processes and increase your productivity and profitability.

Building Customer Loyalty: Being Extraordinary
Barb Pellow, InfoTrends
Understanding how to create loyal customers is one of the most beneficial
things that you can do for your business. Graphic communication service providers must step up their offerings by delivering higher-than-expected levels of value and
service to every customer. Learn what services and techniques to use to take
customer loyalty beyond the ordinary to build a customer base that keeps coming
back for more.