Label and packaging


Digital and Mainstream Production – Truth or Fiction
Stijn Simoens, HP
Today, top label converters are attaining mainstream production capabilities using
new features such as in-line priming (ILP) and Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM).
Hear how they have built highly successful and growing businesses by enjoying both
worlds—mainstream production and HP Indigo digital advantages. Learn how
you can use these features to transform your production.

DEEP DIVE: Creating Irresistible Value for Brands
Mike Ferrari, Ferrari Innovation Solutions and Panelists including Peter
Overbeek, Eshius Ed Wiegand, The Matlet Group and Roger Gehrke, Rako
Discover what brands are looking for, who to talk to and what message to
provide regarding the merits of digital package printing. The creation of
high-value profit margin and growth opportunities to achieve a win-win with
clients is brought to life through a panel describing case study examples.

Sustainability is Driving Packaging Strategy
Jüergen Dornheim, Procter & Gamble
Sustainability is influencing the future strategies of the consumer goods
industry. Not only are consumers going to change their purchasing habits, but
also manufacturers with their suppliers and the trade will have to find new and
agile ways to respond to consumer expectations and develop technologies
to meet their needs. Case studies from companies such as Procter & Gamble
will illustrate the need for agility in package design and development to keep up with consumer demands.

 iLabel – Labeling Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Till Shüette, Coca-Cola
How does today’s reality in terms of flexibility, individualization, speed and
shopper behavior impact the value chain of creating a label? How does the initial
marketing idea travel from its first creative concept into a final design on a label
today and what kind of further changes can we expect in the next 10 years? Learn
how important it is for brands like Coca- Cola to work together with, agencies,
customers and print suppliers to meet consumer and shopper needs.

How to Sell Digital Labels and Understanding the Value of Digital
Dscoop EMEA Members
Digital printing is more common now, but it’s important to transform the
conversation with print influencers and buyers to a value-added proposition.
Get advice on how to maintain a healthy margin while hitting the highest standards.

Future Opportunities in Package Printing
Dscoop EMEA Members
Explore digital possibilities and trends in packaging. Real-life success stories
outline how the capabilities of the latest HP technology can be used to produce
mainstream product packaging.

Coating Technologies and Packaging Materials
Dscoop EMEA Members and HP
Receive the latest news of HPcertified substrates and capitalise your
knowledge of coating skills and finishing requirements. Learn more in-depth
technical details involving priming, varnishing and over-laminating prerequisites
and take the opportunity to communicate directly with HP Indigo media experts.

How To’s for the Label Markets
Harry Skidmore, Innovation in Print
HP Indigo has developed a new generation of combination digital
printers that can take advantage of growth markets, offering a wider range
of advanced materials for specialist applications and markets. Learn about
digital optimisation in commercial print markets; advanced polymer and
synthetic substrates; retail and brand promotion, protection, and security;
advanced coatings and adhesives for and environmental influences on
packaging and label markets; and 3D and high definition print applications.