Spark Sessions

    New in 2013, Dscoop is pleased to announce the addition of Spark sessions for Dscoop members to the Dscoop8 program!

    These optional, hands-on workshops are an opportunity for Dscoop members to Spark interest on specific topics that will motivate you to make changes in your business.

    Spark sessions are taking place in two sessions.

    Session I: Thursday, Feb. 21, 8:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m.
    Choose one from the following topics:  

    Session II: Thursday, Feb. 21, 10:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
    Choose one from the following topics:

     View Spark session descriptions.

    Spark Session Registration

    Pre-registration* for Spark sessions is required as seating is limited. You must register for the full Dscoop8 conference to attend Spark sessions.

    Attend one or both sessions. The $50 fee covers a meal voucher that can be used for breakfast and lunch and is non-refundable.

    Register for Dscoop8 and Spark sessions!

    *If you already registered for Dscoop8 and would like to add to your registration selections, please visit the Dscoop8 Attendee Resource Center. You will need the confirmation number received in your email confirmation to access the site. Contact Dscoop Headquarters for assistance. HP and Partners are not eligible to register for Spark sessions.

    Spark Session Descriptions

    Selling Digital Value Proposition for Labels
    Gary Bernier, HP and Christian Menegon, HP
    Audience: Label & Packaging or those interested in Label & Packaging

    In today’s competitive landscape, every business needs an edge. Selling on price alone is no longer the “silver bullet” it once was. This session will focus on providing you with multiple perspectives on selling the “digital value” from a panel of successful label printers who have embraced this proven method.

    Building a Strategic Marketing Plan
    Barb Pellow, InfoTrends; Stephanie Hill, HP; Denis Leftakis, Pub Cite; Naomi Brancheau, Mcardle; Gary Franz, Envision 3, Lisa Arsenault, Mcardle

    Audience: Open for all commercial and grand format attendees

    Businesses just like yours develop and offer many great products, services and solutions, but often fall short when it comes to communicating those offerings timely and effectively. This session explains the importance and process of building a strategic marketing plan. From it, you will have a clearer understanding of your own business and your customers and then convert that into revenues!

    Targeting Sign and Display Vertical Markets for Growth
    Tim Greene, InfoTrends; Lisa Cross, InfoTrends; and Tom Wittenberg, HP
    Audience: Open to all interested in Sign and Display

    Maximize your marketing dollars by focusing on key audiences. You will learn how to define target markets, understand the difference between horizontal and vertical markets, leverage tools to identify and access key segments within your targeted geography; gather customer requirements by segment and determine the unique market needs that will enable your organization to provide differentiated value-add to the customer.

    Social Media in an Evolving Industry
    Neil Hair, Educator and Consultant
    Audience: Open to all 

    Many businesses are struggling to make sense of the advances in social networking technologies that have enabled and supported the ability to connect, engage and compete. This session will explore the options, tools, techniques and metrics used in creating a strategy for social media and walk away with a plan of action for 2013.

    Digital Marketing Toolkit
    Jeff Dowd, HP; Lana Duncan, HP; Ron Sarne, HP; Marc Johnson, HP
    Audience: Commercial HP Indigo

    As an HP print service provider, you offer solutions that you know will make a meaningful difference to yours and your customers’ business. However, before your customers can embrace you as a marketer, you need to convince them that your offerings will have a positive impact on their business. Learn how you can put together a sales strategy that will open their minds to your product offerings through the use of the HP Direct Marketing Toolkit.

    Financial Analysis
    Bryan Martindale & Leon Clarin, HP

    Audience: Commercial HP Indigo 

    HP customers have found great success in utilizing this tool to help them to understand their true operating costs within their Indigo digital department! The HP SmartPlanner tool will aid your production department in ensuring that the most profitable work is being done in the most appropriate department in your print facility with a look at crossovers between HP Indigo Digital and their traditional offset printing.

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