Marketing & Creative Sessions

Everyone is interested in award-winning designs. Creative design & marketing sessions are especially relevant for creative teams, including graphic designers, creative directors, studio artists and production managers. Sales and marketing teams will also benefit from learning how VDP, special effects and creative sales tools all turn into tangible business results.

New! Hands-on Designer Workshop: How to Design with Variable Data and Using Digital Special Effects
Julie Crosthwaite, HP; Chuck Draffkorn, HP
Level: All Levels

This unique session will guide designers on how to create added-value jobs using variable data, as well as the special effects offered by HP Indigo presses. HP’s own solution architects and in-house designers will take you through the technicalities and actual know-how “secrets” of these tools, as well as offer one-on-one support on incorporating these tools into your own jobs.

Pre-registration is required but there is no additional cost to attend this session. A meal voucher for breakfast and lunch is included and we require you to bring your own laptop to the session. You can reserve your spot at

Designers: The Best Kept Secret for Successful Selling is in YOUR Hands

Chris Hyde, Cipher Creative Group, LLC; Rod Key, R&R; Howard Owen, Stafford Printing; Jennifer Bardes, Moquin Press
Level: All Levels

In this session print service providers from around the world will share revolutionary, one-of-a-kind sales tools created by their design teams. See how these tools are being used to inspire agencies, brands and end-customers, by showing-off the variety of capabilities and innovations made possible only by HP Indigo digital printing. Attendees will walk away with free customizable
marketing sample files and onsite instruction that uses eye-popping art to showcase the unique capabilities of your HP Indigo press. Designers and brand owners will be impressed when you hand them a customized book highlighting:

  • White Ink
  • Textured effects
  • Window clings
  • Pantone colors
  • Thick substrate(s)
  • Metallics/colors
  • Raised print
  • Magnets
  • And more

How'd You Do That? Producing Innovative Designs that Work
Erik Toth, Se Design; Chris Marsh, Moquin

Level: Foundational/Intermediate

Learn how to integrate dimensionality, personalization and pop into your designs with raised print, variable data, and unusual ways of using white ink, watermarks and substrates. This session will also demonstrate how to design for these features in real time, and our pre-press expert will share tips on how to optimize file set up to ensure seamless printing.

Beautiful Design, Now Let's Change Everything! Using Variable Data to Produce Measurable Results
Rich Voslow, DCG West
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Variable data printing lets your customers create personal one-on-one conversations with their audiences, turning into exceptionally high response rates. In this session, participants will learn how to work with client databases and design in ways that leverage the full capabilities of variable data. Step-by-step demonstrations will guide you through best practices in designing for VDP. Review the best examples of ground-breaking VDP creative, and discover how you can produce measurable marketing results like theirs.

Selling to Gen Y and Across Generations
Jason Ryan Dorsey, Gen Y Thought Leader
Level: All Levels

This session places special emphasis on the convergence of technology, expectations and loyalty. Attendees will leave with ready-to-use sales solutions that attract and keep Gen Y customers in-person, in-store, via mobile device and online.

Everything you Need to Know to Sell the Special Capabilities of Your Sheet-fed HP Indigo Digital Presses
Rolando Martinez, HP
Level: All Levels

This session will give an overview of new HP Indigo press features, including Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM), One-Shot Printing, raised print and textured effects. Don't miss this session to walk away with a new designer tutorial featuring design files that will demonstrate exactly how to design for a range of creative features and show you how to utilize this tool to guide your clients from print sale through print production.

Substrate Specifics: Differences of selection and the benefits of choice
Laura Field, HP and Panel

Level: Intermediate

Did you know there are differences in media certification lists for HP Indigo 5600 multi-shot, 5600 one-shot, and 7600 digital presses? And that the new HP Indigo 10000, 20000 and 30000 presses will all have fantastic opportunities for media with ground breaking applications and business growth opportunities? Learn about the specifics for each press, the benefits and the reasons for choice.