Business & Sales Sessions

Sessions are open to all attendees. Business and Sales classes are especially relevant for owners and vice presidents or department heads, as well as those holding positions in the business job families such as sales, marketing, customer service and finance.

High Margin Selling:  How To Win Larger Customers With Less Discounting
Nick Devine, The Print Coach
Level: All Levels 

Discover how profit leaders win large accounts who value what they do and are willing to pay for it. This session will identify the surprisingly simple way to profile your market and the three types of buying influences and the best way to sell each type.

Change the Conversation! 7 IMPACT Sales and Leadership Strategies to Grow Your Sales and Profits
Gerry Layo
Level: All Levels

This session will address seven specific initiatives that demand focus and execution to grow sales in a demanding economy with approaches that are much more strategic and partnership-focused in order to gain mindshare, wallet-share and market share. 

The Gamification of Everything
Jim Wexler, Experiences Unlimited
Level: Intermediate

The emerging trend of gamification helps marketers deliver meaningful experiences to customers. At the end of this session, attendees will be able to apply the power of game messaging and thematic development to your clients to improve operational reality.

Selling to Gen Y and Across Generations
Jason Ryan Dorsey, Gen Y Thought Leader
Level: All Levels

This session places special emphasis on the convergence of technology, expectations and loyalty. Attendees will leave with ready-to-use sales solutions that attract and keep Gen Y customers in-person, in-store, via mobile device and online.

Understanding Mobile: Importance, Use and Application
Jenny Fremlin, PhD, Alaska Litho Media Services
Level: All Levels

Based in media psychology, this session reveals how we interact with media and what is different with mobile interactions. It also addresses how mobile integration can benefit printers (and the local businesses we work with) through a case study exploring one print shop's journey to app development, from the idea to the finished product.

Behavioral Characteristics of Leaders in the Print Industry
Kevin Miller, Executive Strategies
Level: All Levels

This session shows how leaders are "wired" behaviorally speaking as well as their business development and sales teams and what they should be looking for when adding employees to their team.

Consumers: What the Heck Do They Want Anyway?
Patrick Kelly, Gateway Marketing Partners LLC
Level: All Levels

Many printing companies have embraced the new marketing services model and successfully expanded their offerings to integrate digital marketing with the printed piece. But converting to an MSP is not just about offering new services and execution, but also about understanding the psychological needs of consumers. This presentation is a lively discussion on the evolution of the human spirit and how each generation has influenced how consumers want to be engaged.

Marketing to the New Digital Consumer
Liz Miller, Vice President, Global Programs & Operations, CMO Council
Level: Advanced

The new breed of consumer has marketers looking to new engagement tactics and strategies that require a far more diverse and nimble toolkit of experiences. This session will explore how consumers in both btob and btoc engagements are evolving – and how leading marketers are answering their calls to connect.

Attracting, Recruiting and Hiring Top Performing Business Developers
Jerry Scher, Peak Focus
Level: Advanced

In this thought-provoking session you will learn how to assess the appropriate behavioral competencies required for consultative business developers and will be introduced to a multi-step system for attracting, recruiting, assessing and hiring talented sales professionals.

Best Practices in Cloud Based CCM Offerings
Kemal Carr, President and Principal Analyst, Madison Advisors
Level: All Levels

Madison Advisors shares current research about the state of the cloud based CCM offerings. This session assesses the range of technology provider solutions, including drivers and inhibitors for various deployment models. Participants will also gain insight into best practices to help organizations mitigate risks and cost while determining the best solution fit.

Find Your Spark with HP Indigo
Alon Bar-Shany, Vice President and General Manager, Indigo Digital Press Division, Graphic Solutions Business, HP
Level: All Levels

This session is a can't-miss experience. Join Alon as he shares what is happening around the world in the digital printing market. His remarkable insights and knowledge keep you abreast of where the market is headed and how it will impact your business.

How Customers Connect:  Achieving Data-Driven Loyalty Marketing
Stephanie Miller, Vice President, Member Relations, The Direct Marketing Association
Level: All Levels

Advances in technology and data analytics now empower marketers to be more in-the-moment with outbound messaging and brand engagement. New tools, solutions and approaches are transforming the opportunity. Learn how to take full advantage.

Why Big Brands are Seeking More Sustainable Print – And What You Can Do About It
Martine Padilla, President, Sophizio
Level: All Levels 

Martine Padilla, President of Sophizio, printing strategists for major global brands like Wal-Mart and Toyota, will explain why major brands are increasingly looking for more sustainable print - and more sustainable print shop practices – in their procurement, their sustainability expectations of the printing companies that they work with, and concrete steps that you can take that would help to position your business better with major brands.  The session will be particularly relevant for commercial printers and sign & display printers.

Start with Kindling: A Manual for Building a Cross-Media Communication Company
Scott Dubois and Justin Brodeur, Pidalia
Level: Intermediate

This session will cover the critical areas that business owners and management need to consider: sales team staffing and process, project management and client retention. This session explores how to merge the new and old services offered by PSPs with real-world applications.

How Marketing Automation Technology is Changing the Printing Industry
Joe Manos, Executive Vice President, MindFireInc and Ted Raymond, Principal, Allegra Marketing and Print AZ
Level: All Levels

Hear real-life examples on how your peers are using marketing automation technology to offer a new, highly in-demand service to their customers, including generating quality leads and helping your sales people close more deals – faster. Attendees will also receive a free mobile-optimized landing page template to help get you started on your next marketing campaign!

5 Common Sales & Profit Mistakes… And How To Solve Each One
Nick Devine, The Print Coach
Level: All Levels

This session will identify five common sales & profit mistakes and how to solve each one, including sales commissions, how to sell to more accounts, the best way to maximize conversions and more.

Print Production with Tommy Hilfiger
Melanie Harland, Tommy Hilfiger and Erwin Koerts, Drukkerij Aeroprint
Level: All Levels

Hear how Tommy Hilfiger works in cooperation with a print supplier to create a two-way partnership that ensures reliability and efficiencies that save time and money to meet today’s business demands.

UV Application Lab - Enter into New Markets Printing onto Wide-Format Rigid and Flexible Materials
Roman Barba, HP, Scott Stoddart, HP

Level: All Levels

UV-curable inks open the door to a broad amount of applications. The possibilities range from rigid to flexible and outdoor to indoor. Learn how to reach markets as diverse as retail, events, interior decor and packaging in this hands-on lab to expand your business!

Art of Endless Possibilities - Powered by HP & Dscoop
Ronen Zioni, HP and Lindsay Mitchell, Dscoop
Level: All Levels

Learn how HP is proactively engaging Agencies, Brands & Creative teams. The real aim is to grow the awareness level to digital printing and workflow solutions, aiming at more digital print integrated campaigns. The strategic intent behind this project is to grow the Dscoop members page growth while educating the industry as a whole. Now when influencers and print purchasers are seeking partners they will be sent to the  Dscoop Print Directory. Come see the newly launched Directory and make sure to update your information so others can find you!

TransPromo Takes Off Following Indigo w7200 Investment
David Allen, New Zealand Post

Level: All Levels

Hear how one company unlocked the true value of TransPromo campaigns, resulting in higher revenue, the promise of reduced churn and more engaged customers.

How Marketing Automation Technology is Changing the Printing Industry
Ramin Zamani, Mindfire

Level: All Levels

Hear real-life examples on how your peers are using marketing automation technology to offer a new, highly in-demand service to their customers, including generating quality leads and helping your sales people close more deals – faster. Attendees will also receive a free mobile-optimized landing page template to help get you started on your next marketing campaign!

After Profitable Hiring: The First 90 Days to Successful Selling
Bob Scherer, CL&D Digital

Level: All Levels

The First 90 Days picks up where we left off in Dscoop 7's Profitable Hiring presentation (a 10-minute overview will be provided). This presentation is a systematic approach that answers the question, "You're Hired--Now What?" to confirm you've made a good hiring decision and get your new sales rep on the right path to profitable selling during this key transition phase.

Does Your Financial Performance Measure Up?
Barb Pellow, InfoTrends; Mike Duggal, Duggal Visual Solutions

Level: All Levels

Get the latest strategic insight and data from InfoTrends regarding commercial and wide format printing. Understand how your company's financial performance ranks against other Dscoop members and the rest of the industry.

  •     Learn your fiscal strengths and weaknesses
  •     How does revenue per Indigo press compare to your peers
  •     Understand the trajectory for the wide format printing industry
  •     How do your margins compare with similar companies