Commercial Sessions

Sessions are open to all attendees. Commercial sessions are especially relevant for anyone interested in digital commercial print opportunities, including direct mail, publishing, photo, and general commercial print.

Selling Marketing Services
Bob Milroy and Carl Gerhardt, Allegra Network LLC 
Level: All Levels

Here's your chance to "eavesdrop" on how a printer that is evoloving into a marketing services provider is selling new services. Carl Gerhardt, Chairman and Bob Milroy, President of Allegra Network's Marketing & Print Division will share a presentation titled "Hot Trends in Marketing Technology" their franchise members are using to drive sales for new services including QR codes, text messaging, PURLs, and social media services, as well as cross-channel, direct mail-based campaigns. Carl and Bob will engage in a role playing with "customers" to illustrate the types of questions received at these sessions, as well as share some of the sales results their franchisees are experiencing as the result of this selling technique.

Customer Engagement & Loyalty
Jon Bailey, ProCo 
Level: All Levels

For a print service provider looking to enter into the world of CRM and integrated communications, this session will provide an inside look at the complexities, pitfalls and successes of using integrated techniques with multiple touch points and multiple channels.

Social Networking in Print: A New Dawn
Gary Peeling, Precision Printing Co Ltd 
Level: Foundational

This session will explore the emerging applications and start-ups like Cleverbug that are linking automatic document creation directly to social media sites like Facebook. These applications are providing solutions for a billion birthdays and other key events, as well as the dawning of a completely new marketing discipline for brands permission-based "Me Marketing."

So You Think You're Ready to e-Commerce?
John Cockrell Jr., Cockrell Enovation 
Level: Advanced

This session provides insight on the additional components required for entering into e-commerce, including workflow automation, social awareness and insight on overall cost of operations.

Making Print Interactive
Barb Pellow, InfoTrends 
Level: All Levels

As a critical component of the marketing mix, print service providers must offer services that support clients in integrating social media into the marketing mix. This session will explore how print is being blended with social, mobile, and online technologies to become part of the interactive marketing mix and how service providers are profiting.

Selling to Gen Y and Across Generations
Jason Ryan Dorsey, Gen Y Thought Leader
Level: All Levels

This session places special emphasis on the convergence of technology, expectations and loyalty. Attendees will leave with ready-to-use sales solutions that attract and keep Gen Y customers in-person, in-store, via mobile device and online.

Everything You Need to Know to Sell the Special Capabilities of Your Sheet-fed HP Indigo Digital Presses
Rolando Martinez, HP

Level: All Levels

This session will give an overview of new HP Indigo press features, including Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM), One-Shot Printing, raised print and textured effects. Don't miss this session to walk away with a new designer tutorial featuring design files that will demonstrate exactly how to design for a range of creative features and show you how to utilize this tool to guide your clients from print sale through print production.

TransPromo Takes Off Following Indigo w7200 Investment
David Allen, New Zealand Post
Level: All Levels

Hear how one company unlocked the true value of TransPromo campaigns, resulting in higher revenue, the promise of reduced churn and more engaged customers. 

Software: Strategy, Vendor Selection, & Product Management (Part 1)
Jennifer Matt, Michael Enright and Heath Cajandig, Web2Print Experts
Level: Foundational/Intermediate

From web-to-print, to workflow, to Print MIS, all printers need to understand software in order to assure that technology projects ultimately solve the business challenges and deliver measureable value. Attend this session if you need to make important software investments or you need to dive into investments you’ve already made and learn how to get more value out of them.

Software: Resource Planning, Integration, & Implementation (Part 2)
Jennifer Matt, Michael Enright and Heath Cajandig, Web2Print Experts
Level: Advanced

Virtually all software projects are understaffed and the timelines are overpromised creating a significant gap between the business leader’s expectations and the technical leader’s ability to deliver on those expectations. Attend this session if you want to learn strategies for managing software projects in a manner that assures business and technology alignment and provides a better chance of achieving success. 

Can the Postal Service Be Saved?
Ken Garner, Association of Marketing Service Providers and Ben Cooper, Print Council

Level: All Levels

This session will review the policy and legislative issues that will impact and likely decide the future of the United States Postal Service, an agency that supports 8 million private sector jobs, contributes $1.1 trillion to the nation’s economy and is losing an estimated $25 million each day. Attendees will hear background and context related to the challenges PSPs will face as both customers and business partners to USPS.

Taking Advantage of New Profit Opportunities in the Folding Carton Market
Gary Bernier and Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, HP; Marcus Tralau, KAMA GMBH
Levels: All Levels

This session will describe the opportunities and challenges for PSPs venturing into the world of folding carton. From the business case through printing and up to finishing, attendees will hear best-in-class examples from the commercial and label world who found innovative ways to profit with folding carton.

Designers: The Best Kept Secret for Successful Selling is in YOUR Hands
Level: All Levels

In this session print service providers from around the world will share revolutionary, one-of-a-kind sales tools created by their design teams. See how these tools are being used to inspire agencies, brands and end-customers, by showing-off the variety of capabilities and innovations made possible only by HP Indigo digital printing. Attendees will walk away with free customizable
marketing sample files and onsite instruction that uses eye-popping art to showcase the unique capabilities of your HP Indigo press. Designers and brand owners will be impressed when you hand them a customized book highlighting:

  • White Ink
  • Textured effects
  • Window clings
  • Pantone colors
  • Thick substrate(s)
  • Metallics/colors
  • Raised print
  • Magnets
  • And more

HELP!  How do I manage dozens or hundreds of short run jobs a day?!
Bob Raus, HP and Panelists: Kathy Wise, DME; Greg Weaver, Communicorp; Dave Castaneda, SmartHealth

Level: All Levels

Do you manage your production, or does your production manage you? This session will explore the principles of managed production, including obtaining visibility of jobs on the production floor, breaking the silos of production steps, creating automated workflows and creating a highly-efficient production operation. In addition, attendees will hear first-hand accounts from users of HP’s new SmartStream Production Center product and be able to ask questions.

Capitalize on Your Success with HP Business Devopment Consultants
Avi Basu and Jeff Dowd, HP

Level: All Levels

Business development is not about just creating a marketing plan; it’s about understanding how to capitalize on the market opportunity, how to plan, prepare, implement, measure, execute and repeat the success over and over. This session will show you what HP has to offer in business development and how it can help your sales, business and marketing efforts.