Photo Business Sessions

    Ordering Photo Products from Mobile Apps – An Illusion or an Emerging Reality?
    Hans Hartman, Suite 48 Analytics and Panelists: Philippe Gascon, Mediaclip; Vahe Christianian, LifePics; Dr. Reiner Fageth, Cewe
    ; Matt Brezina, Sincerely Thanks
    Level: All Levels

    With more than 25,000 Android and iPhone photo apps on the market, mobile photographers have a plethora of solutions at their fingertips for enhancing and sharing their photos. Attendees will hear first-hand from some of the top innovators in this space – learn what drives them, what works and doesn’t work, and which apps may be entering the market in the future.


    Developing Creation Software for Your Business
    Dr. Reiner Fageth, Cewe; Dwight Blaha, MyPublisher; Raffael Kraus, HP

    Level: Intermediate/Advanced

    Want to learn how to successfully design and buy photo creation software for the B2C market? Learn tips and tricks from two of the top businesses in our industry- Cewe and MyPublisher.


    Photo Prints Market in Transformation: from Silver Halide to Digital
    Amnon Nachshon, HP and Panelists: Robert Ste-Marie, 36pix; Eric Kok, Shutterfly; Marco Perlman, Digipix

    Level: All Levels

    Attendees of this session will hear how innovative companies are transforming their business and use HP Indigo Photo Prints solution for AgX replacement printing high quality photo output.

    Substrate Specifics: Differences of selection and the benefits of choice
    Laura Field, HP and Panel

    Level: Intermediate

    Did you know there are differences in media certification lists for HP Indigo 5600 multi-shot, 5600 one-shot, and 7600 digital presses? And that the new HP Indigo 10000, 20000 and 30000 presses will all have fantastic opportunities for media with ground breaking applications and business growth opportunities? Learn about the specifics for each press, the benefits and the reasons for choice.


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