Operations Sessions

Operations classes are for anyone on th HP commercial technical side of the business, including pre-press operators, press operators, production managers, operations managers and IT professionals. Sessions are open to all attendees.

Automation – From Your Customers’ Desktops to their Doorstep
Chuck Gehman; Bill Weiners, DigitalLizard; Greg Goldman, Intellapath; David Smith, Dynamic Print Solutions

Level: Intermediate

This session will dive into everything from Web2Print, collaboration tools, automated prepress, color management, finishing options, shipping, and most important, how they all fit together to make a seamless end-to-end workflow in your own shop.

Substrate Specifics: Differences of selection and the benefits of choice
Laura Field, HP and Panel

Level: Intermediate

Did you know there are differences in media certification lists for HP Indigo 5600 multi-shot, 5600 one-shot, and 7600 digital presses? And that the new HP Indigo 10000, 20000 and 30000 presses will all have fantastic opportunities for media with ground breaking applications and business growth opportunities? Learn about the specifics for each press, the benefits and the reasons for choice.

Tech's Hold 'Em
Drew Swankie, R&R Images, Laura Field, HP and Dscoop Panel

Level: All Levels

Join us for a technical Q&A session that answers your tough questions about HP Indigo operations. An experienced and knowledgeable customer panel will discuss their best-in-class procedures, protocols, and procurements. Audience participation is encourage and rewarded with prizes.

How Intelligent Can a Press Get?
Arnon Cohen and Esteban Birenbaum, HP and Panelists: Gregory Weaver, Communicorp; Doug Rembold, Classic Graphics
; Eran Freidman, Ilan Print
Level: All Levels

Learn how to use the new Indigo Print Care versions and Automatic Alert Agent to print more pages and increase print quality. Users will share how intelligent automation tools help them increase their press productivity and uptime.

Achieving Success in a Hybrid Digital and Offset Operation
John Tenwinkel, Vice President, DG3  and Panelists: Brian Losch, Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc.; Andre Soriano, Tower Litho; Barry Mahoney, The Standard Group; Terry Richards, Victor Printing, Inc.; Chris Charles, Think Patented; and Josh Hirshorn, Global Printing, Inc.

Level: Intermediate

In this panel discussion, industry experts will address the challenges and benefits of operating digital equipment within a traditional offset environment. Topics include: prepress, job management, color management, and finishing strategies. Panelists will also discuss crossover run points, strategies for proofing, and best practices for resources and technology.

HP Indigo 7600 Special Features: Embossing, Raised Type, White Ink and more…
Chris Hyde, Cipher Creative Group, LLC; Drew Swankie, R&R Images; Steve Klingler, R&R Images

Level: Advanced

Explore the full capabilities of the HP Indigo 7600 digital press with an interactive discussion on how to design and print using the 7600's special effects including textured, raised print, white ink and more

Let your fellow Dscoopers Spark your Interest
Jill Powers, HP; Jeremy Effertz, CL&D Digital; Shawn Smith, TLF Graphics
Level: Foundational

Joins us for an entertaining networking session with fellow Dscoop members and ignite your knowledge.