Direct Mail, InkJet, and Publishing Sessions

Expand Your Digital Offerings Using Inkjet Technology
Pat McGrew, HP

Level: All Levels

This session will open your eyes to how brand owners are transforming their ideas of what high speed inkjet can do for their businesses and how HP technology is powering a variety of new solutions.

The Giant Panda, Non-Personalized Direct Mail and Other Endangered Species: How to Tell If Your Customers are Candidates for Hybrid Printing
Pat McGrew, HP

Level: All Levels

Attendees will learn how to help their clients move away from static, non-personalized pieces by applying the latest variable data imprinting technology to their campaigns resulting in higher open and read rates, and ultimately, more business.

Pushing the Envelope: Direct Mail
Trish Witkowski and Daniel Dejan, Fold Factory

Level: Intermediate

Direct Mail is powerful, customizable, private, and consistently delivers at least 5 seconds of recipient focus. So, why aren't you using it? Join industry "rock stars" Trish Witkowski,, and Daniel Dejan, Sappi Fine Paper, for a power-packed session filled with direct mail inspiration, information and best practices. Learn the process of designing effective mail, including marketing strategies, format optimization and engagement techniques that drive response and NEW format optimization and engagement. Trish will dive into her world-famous sample library to show you some of the most exciting Direct Mail solutions on the planet, while Daniel will share high-impact techniques and technologies that deliver the best bang for your buck—on any budget. Attendees will get a premiere copy of Sappi's new direct mail resource, Pushing the Envelope: Direct Mail. You won't want to miss this session.

Finding Publishing Opportunities in Your Backyard
Kent Larson, Bridgeport

Level: All Levels

Learn what is involved with producing books in short quantities and where opportunities exist to maintain a strong desire for this physical product in the ever growing age of digital devices.