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When was the last time you impressed your customers with your marketing insight? 

From social media to newsletters to sample files, Dscoop is dedicated to positioning you as a sought-after resource for industry trends and marketing knowledge. With Dscoop’s Customer Communication Tools, you will educate, provide value and earn credibility among your customer base. 

Learn More About Dscoop's Customer Communication Tools:

Customer Marketing Content

Customer Marketing Content is a customizable product you can
personalize with your company
information. Use the content across
multiple media platforms, including
printing the product as a newsletter
to send to your customers.

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 Designer Tutorial
Educate designers on how to design specificallly for your press using HP Indigo special capabilities. The Designer Tutorial consists of a folder and four inserts each showcasing HP Indigo special capabilities.



Dscoop Daily Blog Posts

Get a daily dose of content marketing expertise through the Dscoop.org's daily blogs. Compile recent blog posts for your customer communications or simply send your customers a quick email with the posting.


Sales Tools Signature Sample Series 

Want to showcase what you can do for your customers? The Signature Sample Series are premium images that showcase your HP Indigo capabilities. 


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