Dscoop Print Directory


The Dscoop Print Directory serves as your online tool to showcase your company's digital print capabilities and services to marketers, designers and fellow digital print professionals seeking expert print partners.

Marketers and designers can search the directory listing to locate a worldwide network of print service providers based on criteria such as services and features, region, print applications and more.

Print service providers can access fellow print service providers in another geographic area or with complementary services to provide digital print capabilities to their peers’ most important marketing challenges. Dscoop and HP have partnered together to make the most of your Dscoop Print Directory Listing.

Key Benefits:

  • Build your business
  • Connect with other members
  • Gain access to marketers and designers
  • Earn credibility with a global network during RFPs

What do you get?

Gain qualified leads and build your digital Rolodex by showcasing your company's portfolio, customer reviews, unique capabilities, niches and more.

How to use:

  • Become a Dscoop Member. Not sure if you're a member? Contact membership@dscoop.org.
  • Find out who your primary contact is. Each company's primary contact is able to update the directory listing. To see who your primary contact is, log in to Dscoop.org and under "My Options" select "My Group".
  • Update Your Profile. We have made it easier than ever to update your Dscoop Print Directory Profile. If you don't know where to start, check out our step-by-step webinar. Take just 20 minutes to customize your listing with video, photos, descriptions, capabilities and more


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“My company finds the Dscoop Print Directory not only invaluable but an incredible advantage for our marketing and sales teams as our customers and prospects are clearly thinking global. Thanks to the Dscoop Print Directory, we can find a partner like us in just about any part of the world in a matter of seconds.”

- Jack Glacken, TGI