Commercial printing sessions are especially relevant for attendees interested in innovation, direct mail, as well as general commercial printing industry topics such as production efficiencies, colour management, campaigns and response rates, cross media services and more.

Transitioning from Offset to Digital to Cross Media Services – The Critical
Factors for Business Owners (Part 1)
Neil Falconer, Print Future
This session will look at the difficulties printers face in transitioning their business from a traditional printer to a communication services provider. This session will provide practical steps to improve performance and top tips for creating a unique value proposition. At the end of this session, you will understand what is necessary to drive customer acquisition, profit and growth as well as fatal flaws that must be avoided.

Colour Your Business
Mark Lemmen, HP and Dscoop member panel
Get your colours calibrations right the first time. Learn how to properly integrate the HP Indigo press in a colour managed environment and how to use colour to your advantage.

Forget Same Same
Rafi Albo, SegMarketing
Dive deep into 1to1 marketing by reviewing and discussing a series of campaigns. This session will provide a detailed explanation of each concept, behind the scenes techniques, tips for selling, and actual results and response rates. You are sure to walk away with ideas, concepts, and sourcing information to apply immediately into your own campaigns.

Indigo Applications Go Wide: The B2 Recipe for Success
Gary Peeling, Precision Printing and Simon Lewis, HP
Digital B2 printing has arrived with the launch of the HP Indigo 10000 digital press. This session will showcase the most profitable applications to increase revenue. You will also walk away with criteria for driving the decision to invest in the platform.

Web2Print – The Print Button of the Web
Martijn Groot, CEO and Co-Founder, Peecho, Rick Bellamy, CEO, RPI  and Dscoop member panel
Web2Print has become the standard for printers to receive publishing, photography and design orders. To meet popular demand and produce a variety of products, digital content needs to be processed with automated logistics and quality control. This session will focus on how to effectively collect content and prepare it for print, positioning print as a luxury good.

Top Imaging Trends
Mette Erikson, InfoTrends
Industry experts and members discuss how to expand to photo segment. This session will discuss the required changes in technical operations and explore business model requirements. You will learn what to do, and not do, from print service providers that have already experienced this transition. This session is especially relevant for anyone active or planning to become active in the photo segment.

Going Latex to Grow Your Business
Roman Barba, HP and Dscoop member panel
Explore the versatility of latex printing to grow your business. This session will demonstrate the versatility to capture new business opportunities and how latex printing is being used today by print service providers. This session also applies to sign and display attendees.

Printing is Easy, Everything Else is Hard [Worflow and Finishing Automation]
Ariel Rauch, CCopy and Gershon Alon, HP
When you have powerful equipment on your floor, printing is the easy part. The hard part, is getting the work from the customer onto the press, and then getting it finished and delivered. The solution for many of these challanges lies within advanced workflow automation. Hear about key building blocks for implementing solutions to streamline your operation, while improving efficiency, quality and profitabilty. This session also applies to Business, Sales and Marketing attendees.

Does Your Financial Performance Go the Distance?
Mike Duggal, Duggal Visual Solutions, Inc.
This interactive session will share insights for commercial and wide format business owners. Learn key financial benchmarking techniques from other Dscoop members to keep your business going the distance. At the end of this session you will be able to assess your fiscal strengths and weaknesses and identify your financial margins compared to the similar companies in the industry. This session also applies to sign and display attendees.

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