Post-conference Training

Complimentary Training on the HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press
Saturday, 9 November
9:00 – 17:00
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Get your motors running and join a comprehensive drive of an HP Indigo 7600 enhanced with full options.

Get ahead of the curve with skills and knowledge that you can use to drive your success! Attend a full day of advanced training, delivered by the HP EMEA Graphics Art Training Center at no additional charge. Production managers and press operators, this unique post-conference day will deliver know-how you can take back to your print shop. You will have an opportunity to see live how it is done on the press.

Based on HP Indigo advance features, learn the latest tips and techniques of the press’s options. Topics to be covered in the programme will include:

  • Ticket templates for special effects
  • Switching the press to texture mode
  • Advance troubleshooting tips for special effects
  • Increased productivity
  • Other key areas

To register, go to the Print Grand Prix registration page.  After completing your registration, click on the link for the Hands-On! programme.

If you have already registered and wish to attend this programme, return to the Print Grand Prix registration page and update your registration to indicate your interest in joining this programme. Once you have registered, you can expect a HP EMEA Graphic Arts Training Center staff member to contact you directly.

Saturday, 9 November
9:00 - 9:30 Welcome and Agenda
9:30 - 10:30 Education Session
10:30 - 10:45 Pit Stop for Coffee
10:45 - 12:30 Education Session
12:30 - 13:00 Pit Stop for Lunch
13:30 - 15:00 Education Session
15:00 - 15:15 Pit Stop for Coffee
15:00 - 16:00 Education Session
16:00 - 16:30 End of Day Routines
16:30 - 17:00 Q&A

To attend, you must be a Dscoop conference attendee with hands-on press experience on a Series 3 HP Indigo press. Programme will be in English. Lunch will be provided. Space is limited in this programme and registration will be based on availability. Register now!

If you missed any of the great sessions at Print Grand Prix, you can now download them!

Session Code




Colour Your Business (Mark Lemmen, HP and Dscoop member panel)

D3 English

D3 French


Goodbye Trial and Error - Manage Your Colours(Erik van Sloten, HP and Renana Perlovitch, HP Cees)

G3 English

G3 German

G3 Italian


Coca Cola Goes Indigo (Christian Menegon and Simon Addinall, HP and panel)

A4 English

A4 French

A4 German

G4 Solving the Puzzle of Automation Workflows (Adrian Tolley, Barney Netherwood, Sergio Cicerani)

G4 English

G4_HP-Workflow-Event pdf

F4 Indigo Applications Go Wide (Gary Peeling, Precision Printing and Simon Lewis, HP) F4 English

F4 Indigo Applications pdf

E3 Stand Out, Become Unique – How to Define Your Digital Value (Yael Barak, HP and Mike Ferrari) E3 English

E3 - Stand Out, Become Unique pdf
E1 Social Media is About Social Science, Not Technology (Lucien Moons and Ludovic Martin, Exaprint) E1 English

E1 Social Media, Social Science pdf
D2 One Step Ahead of the Curve – Packaging is Next (Riki Tzirin and Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, HP) D2 French

D2 German

D2_One Step Ahead of the Curve pdf
C3 Working with Different Generations in the Printing Industry (Barrie Bramley) C3 English

C3_Barrie Bramley doc
C2 Improving Success Rates and Increasing ROI (Roberto Fois and Mike Ferrari) C2 English

C2 French

C2 German

C2_Improving Success Rates PDF
B4 Zen and the Art of Indigo Maintenance (Steve Frost, Pure Print; Albert Paniello, HP) B4 French

B4 German

B4_Zen and the Art of Indigo Maintenance pdf
B3 Business Automation as a Requirement to Feed the Beast (Cees Schouten, Geostick and panel) B3 English

B3 Business Automation pdf
B2 Going to Latex to grow your business (Roman Barba, HP and Kuki Saad, Picpong) B2 English

B2_Going Latex to Grow Your Business pdf
A5 PDF for Print and Beyond (Bart Van Looy, Ghent Workgroup) A5 English

A5 French

A5 German

A5 Bart Van Looy pdf
G1 Does Your Financial Performance Go the Distance? (Duggal) G1 Duggal
E4 Top Imaging Trends (Mette Eriksen, InfoTrends) E4 English

E4_Top Imaging Trends pdf
P3` Build Your Business with Dscoop in the New Economy (Fogarty) P3 English

P3_2013-rome-print-directory pdf
Antalis Can Help Print Service Providers Grow Their Business! (Jouvet) Antalis English
B1 Taking Personalisation To New Levels in CRM Programmes (Campbell) B1 English

B1_A Campbell Its All About Me pdf
P5 Join the Victory Circle with HP Indigo (Alon Bar-Shany, HP) P5 English

Alon Dscoop EMEA2 final analysts pdf
A1 The 6 Silver Bullets of Great Customer Relationships (Susan Fisher, First Class Ltd) A1 English

A1_Fisher_Dscoop Europe Conf Bus Dev Lecture 1 pdf
E2 Capitalize on the Digital Wall Decor Market (Asaf Lavi, HP and Kristian Holt, Printed Space) E2_AsafCapitalize on Digital Wall Decor Market pdf
G5 Direct Marketing Toolkit (Maya Poleg, HP and Eran Friedman, IlanPrint Ltd.) G5_Direct Marketing Toolkit pdf
F2 Web2Print - The Print Button of the Web (Groot, Martin, Bellamy, Van Baar) F2_Web2Print - The Print Button of the Web pdf
F1 Systematic Acquisition and Expansion of Customer Relations in Difficult Times (Stefan Hase) F1_Systematic acquisition and expansion of customer relations pdf
A2 How to Expand Your Network and Make Lasting Connections (Lucien Moons, HP marketing consultant) A2_How to Expand Your Network and Make Lasting Connections pdf
D4 How to Create New Business Models for New Print Applications (Van Teeseling and Mielcarek) D4 Presentation

D4 Business Model pdf
D1 Business Transition from Offset to Digital to Cross Media Services - Part 2 (Neil Falconer) D1_Printers GPS_Falconer pdf
C1 Business Transition from Offset to Digital to Cross Media Services(Neil Falconer, Printfuture) C1_The Three Print Horizons pdf
B4 Zen and the Art of Indigo Maintenance (Albert Paniello and Udi Vaks, HP) B4_Zen and the Art of Indigo Maintenance pdf
G4 Solving the Puzzle of Automation Workflows G4_Solving the Puzzle of Automation Workflows pdf