Business, sales and marketing

These sessions are especially relevant for owners, managers and others holding positions in the business job families such as sales, marketing, customer service and finance. Are you looking to develop new business models, increase customer engagement and grow sales? Then this is the track for you.

Be Inspired! How to Create New Business Models for New Print Applications
Looking for an innovative and smart way to create new business models? This session will challenge you to define all practical elements of a business with nine essential building blocks. You will walk away with a thorough understanding of existing business models and how to develop new ones that you can apply to your business.

Direct Marketing Toolkit: A Business Development Strategy for Selling High

Value, Targeted Direct Marketing Campaigns
Maya Poleg, HP
Learn how to conduct more effective sales meetings and open new opportunities for your business. This interactive session will provide a set of practcal tools and methodology for communicating value rather than cost with your customers. You will practice firsthand with other print service providers how to implement techniques in your own business.

How to Expand Your Network and Make Lasting Connections
Lucien Moons, HP Marketing Consultant
Learn how to convert first impressions into lasting connections at the Dscoop conference and beyond. Hear practical tips and tracks from a seasoned networking expert to enhance your conference experience and network like a pro.

It’s All About Me – Taking Personalisation To New Levels in CRM Programmes

Andy Campbell, CRM Consultant
Social media is raising the bar of personalisation for consumers. Attend this session to explore opportunities that will present you as an expert to current and prospective customers in multi-channel, CRM programmes.

You’re You and I’m Me: Working with Different
Generations in the Printing Industry

Barrie Bramley, Intelligent Disrupter and Dscoop member panel
This session will present a generational framework that will add value to your communication, management, leadership and marketing style. You will walk away with a thorough understanding of how to identify your own generational grouping, as well as those around you. Hear about the framework in action from a Dscoop member panel.

Systematic Acquisition and Expansion of Customer Relations in Difficult Times
Stefan Hase, Wirkung Plus GmbH
Systematic acquisition and expansion of customer relations is a vital necessity to secure future profits and jobs. Learn how to structure your entire business in a |
sales-centric manner and adapt your system to the new demanding requirements of the market. By the end of this session, you will know five main areas of growth and 10 requirements for every company to compete successfully within a price-driven market.

Social Media is About Social Science, Not Technology
Lucien Moons, HP Marketing Consultant and Dscoop member panel
Harness the power of a digital world with social selling – a strategy that that uses the influence of social media outlets to identify opportunities, get insight into prospects, earn the first engagements and deepen relationships. You will learn the benefits of using social selling techniques vs. traditional selling methods and how to implement social selling into your company’s own marketing strategy.

The 6 Silver Bullets of Great Customer Relationship Management

Susan Fisher, First Class Ltd.
Strategically managing relationships with your best clients is an essential part of business development. In this session, you will examine the six best practices in customer relationship management to consistently exceed expectations and keep revenues growing.

Printing is Easy, Everything Else is Hard [Worflow and Finishing Automation]
Ariel Rauch, CCopy and Gershon Alon, HP
When you have powerful equipment on your floor, printing is the easy part. The hard part, is getting the work from the customer onto the press, and then getting it finished and delivered. The solution for many of these challanges lies within advanced workflow automation. Hear about key building blocks for implementing solutions to streamline your operation, while improving efficiency, quality and profitabilty. This session also applies to commercial attendees.

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